23 May 2012


The Booming Asian Art Market and It’s Influence on Britain

If the world did not have problems enough speculating about future failures of single currencies and the threat of climate changes. The US and Europe are now competing with a very serious and rapidly growing Asian art market. China is the elephant in the room of many discussions concerning politics, economics, and the environment, yet […]

11 November 2010


Wu Ming and Chinese Art Informel

The painter Wu Ming strikes a bridge between the ancient Chinese and the Western Informel painting traditions. Representative for her works are the series “Soul of Nature” and “Polymorph”. “Soul of Nature” is a series of small-scale oil on paper paintings and encompasses meanwhile more than 150 works. In these paintings Wu Ming seeks to […]

3 August 2010


Exposing Chinese Epigones

“Wir must make a comment on the bad things in our world, otherwise we are a part of them.” – Ai Weiwei In view of these photos I only want to raise two questions:1. Why have contemporary Chinese artists chosen to imitate the Europeans and Americans, not the Indians, the South Americans and the Africans?2. […]