15 March 2016


Jane Bustin Explores Ballets Russes Legend Vaslav Nijinsky In New Exhibition

A new exhibition of work by Jane Bustin (British b. 1964) presents a series of paintings that utilises the Modernist Russian ballet icon Vaslav Nijinsky (1890 – 1950) as a central reference. The poise and fragility of ballet with every worthy composition of bold, in its own right is underpinned by immense strength. Similarly her paintings balance the fragility of […]

1 June 2015


Contemporary Art and Law Explored In New London Group Exhibition

Embedded in this new exhibition, at Copperfield in London, the Re-contextualising of the heraldic motto  ‘Dieu et mon droit,’ which translates to ‘In My Right’ is explored. The expression is commonly found on UK legal documents and coinage, the meaning of the phrase is subtly diverted. A similar form of repurposing can be found throughout the exhibition which focuses on […]

6 May 2014


Obsessive Compulsive Order: Repetition Explored In Copperfield’s Opening Exhibition

With so many galleries closing or displaced by significant rent increases in the last 6 months, Copperfield, a new gallery guided by William Lunn, (formally of Sumarria Lunn Gallery, 2008 – 2014) launches on 24th May. The gallery unites a growing un-official steering group of collectors, curators, critics and artists, who have taken up residence […]