9 October 2016

Dash Snow Estate Sues McDonald’s For Copyright Infringement

The late, great cult artist Dash Snow’s family is suing McDonald’s for copyright infringement. The lawsuit which has been filed in a NY court claims that association with McDonald’s diminishes the value of the dead artist’s work. In an attempt to limit damages, the estate of the late artist is fighting to protect his legacy against the dreaded label of “sellout.” Jade Berreau, the late artist’s […]

31 March 2016


Florentijn Hofman: Brazil Stole My Rubber Ducky Idea

Florentijn Hofman the Dutch artist famous for sailing giant yellow rubber ducks in waterways like the Thames and Hong Kong Harbour has accused the impeach Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff campaign of plagiarising his concept. The artist stated that the Brazilian replica constitutes copyright infringement. The owners of the company that produced both ducks denied that there […]

21 January 2015


Luc Tuymans Convicted Of Plagiarism For Using Photo Of Politician

The Belgian artist Luc Tuymans has been found guilty of copyright infringement after losing a legal battle in his home country over the alleged plagiarism concerning a portrait the artist created in 2011. A civil court in Antwerp ruled on 15 January that Tuymans’s painting ‘A Belgian Politician’ (2011) borrowed too heavily from a photo […]

29 October 2014


Artists Protest New UK Instagram Legislation As Carte Blanche For Copyright Infringement

UK Photographers and Artists are up in arms at changes to the law over ‘orphan works’ passed quietly in Parliament last week.  The new legislation allows the use of copyrighted material in the circumstance that an owner cannot be contacted. Under new legislation photographs and other works of art can now be used for free […]