8 August 2019


Brancusi Sculpture Damaged: Should This Devalue The £18m Work

When someone attacked Michelangelo’s Pieta with a hammer in the 1970s, the sculpture was severely damaged. It was restored and put back on display at the Vatican. A few years later a paranoid schizophrenic slashed Rembrandt’s masterpiece ‘The Night Watch’ putting a gaping hole in the canvas with a bread knife, at the Rijksmuseum.

13 February 2016


Facebook Loses Gustave Courbet Nudity Case In French Appeal Court

A French Facebook user who took the social media giant to court after his account was closed down for posting an image of Courbet’s controversial painting ‘L’Origine du Monde,’ 1866, has won the case on appeal in France’s high courts. The decision was upheld and now Facebook faces court costs worth millions. The French teacher  argued that Facebook should […]

25 December 2015


Psychedelic Artist Peter Max In Multi-Million Family Dispute Over Paintings

The psychedelic painter Peter Max is caught in a battle between his second wife and his son. Mary Max has  claimed that her stepson Adam Max has stolen $4.3 million worth of artwork that was gifted to her in a prenuptial agreement. The works have now disappeared from a warehouse. Manhattan Supreme Court has now registered a […]

6 September 2015


Shepard Fairey Case To Go To Trial Carrying Potential Ten-Year Sentence

The American Graffiti artist Shepard Fairey, who was charged in Detroit with causing criminal damage after allegedly vandalising several buildings during his residency in the city, will now have his day in court. The artist was returning from a ‘Spraycation’ installing his largest exhibition to date at CAC Málaga in Spain. Agents at the Los […]