3 April 2012


Damien Hirst Beats Beatles In Peter Blake Album Redesign

Artists Dominate Peter Blakes Redesign Of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Album Sleeve The album cover for the Beatles’ album ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is one pop culture’s most iconic images. It was co-designed by Sir Peter Blake in 1967; and now, in celebration of his 80th birthday, Blake has created an […]

2 April 2012


Damien Hirst Enter Through The Gift Shop

Tate Modern Retrospective Offers Hirst Memorabilia From £6.50 – £ 36,800 If the public wasn’t already aware that Damien Hirst’s name is synonymously linked with branding and money, Tate Modern has included a separate page inside the press pack relating to the exclusive merchandise available at the gallery for the larger than life Damien Hirst […]

2 April 2012

Damien Hirst Love Money Death And Hyperbole REVIEW

Tate Modern retrospective anticipates 2m visitors   ‘We have more press here at the Damien Hirst press view, than there were people at the premier of Harry Potter’, Director of Tate Modern, Chris Dercon gleefully announced this morning. And, if the artworld really is the new Hollywood (as those in the know say that it is), […]

1 April 2012


Why The Qatar Royals Rule The Contemporary Art World

With money to burn who can compete with this family’s ambition to create the 21st centuries greatest art collection? In the last half century, the Qatari royal family has become a formidable force in the art world. In 2007 they bought Hirst’s Lullaby Spring pill cabinet for almost £9.65m – then the highest price ever […]

31 March 2012


Damien Hirst’s Big Fat Tate Modern Retrospective

The key exhibition of the Cultural Olympiad opens for business The biggest British art event of 2012 – Damien Hirst’s major retrospective, has now had its press preview. The teams of curators and gallery assistants burned the candle last night putting the finishing touches on an exhibition that has not been easy or straight forward […]

29 March 2012


“Sell Your Damien Hirst While You Still Can”, Warns Curator

Art critic and curator Julian Spalding has struck out at Damien Hirst, warning collectors to sell sell sell as his work will soon be worthless This criticism comes ahead of a major exhibition of Hirst’s work opening at Tate Modern in London next week. ‘The emperor has nothing on. When the penny drops that these […]

26 March 2012


New Damien Hirst Exhibition Depicts Utopia Of Pills & Diamonds

Paul Stolper Gallery presents exhibition of six new inkjet and foil block prints by Damien Hirst ‘Utopia’ will display works depicting rows of either pills, diamonds or cigarettes arranged in metal cabinets, together with ‘Till Death Do Us Part,’ a series of ten foil block skulls on brightly coloured silkscreened paper. In this exhibition, Hirst continues […]

26 March 2012


Damien Hirst & Rankin To Headline Nova Festival

Nova Festival set to showcase some of the UK’s most exciting visual art Taking the biggest ideas and building a festival dedicated to those who love art and music, Nova aims to re-imagine the great British festival experience. Set in the stunning West Sussex countryside estate at Bignor Park, Nova is a small, 5,000 capacity, […]

25 March 2012


Damien Hirst And Noel Fielding Virtually Tour Tate Modern

Art Enthusiasts May View Hirst’s New Retrospective From Their Armchair A new Damien Hirst documentary film is being prepared for release to coincide with the Tate retrospective exhibition which opens on 4 April. Directed and edited by BAFTA award winner Chris King (Senna) ‘Damien Hirst: Thoughts, Work, Life’ includes an exclusive interview with the artist, […]

17 March 2012


Free Damien Hirst Spot Prints Offered By Gagosian

 Gagosian gives signed print to visitors of all eleven Hirst exhibitions Whether this was some kind of a private joke, I can’t say, and I know almost everything! It was reported last month that Larry Gagosian was giving away a free signed print by Damien Hirst to art enthusiasts, who visited all eleven locations of […]

15 March 2012


Art By Kids Competes With Damien Hirst At London Gallery

Kenny Schachter presents artworks by kids and family friends alongside that of Hirst, Condo, and Hadid Gallerist Kenny Schachter has put together your average exhibition of blue chip artists – Damien Hirst, George Condo, Zaha Hadid and Keith Tyson –, but with one major difference: the show also includes artwork made by himself,  his four […]

10 March 2012


Damien Hirst Set To Open Public Gallery In 2014

New London Space To House Bacon Koons Banksy and YBA Collection Damien Hirst has expressed his intention to open a public art gallery, in South London to display his vast collection of Modern and Contemporary art. “It’s my Saatchi gallery, basically,” Hirst told the Observer, describing the development project in Lambeth that will soon display […]

10 March 2012


Tate Modern Undergoes Reinforcements For Damien Hirst

Tate Modern, has found it necessary to reinforces the third floor gallery floors in preparation for the major Damien Hirst exhibition which is coinciding with the 2012 cultural Olympiad. The Hirst solo show which is opens April 4 and runs until September 9, is partly made up of vitrine type tanks which hold thousands of […]

24 February 2012


Gavin And Turk The ArtLyst Interview

Thomas Keane gets an exclusive insight into Gavin Turk’s new exhibition 2012 kicked off with a controversy between two of the biggest names in contemporary art, with David Hockney seemingly lashing out at Damien Hirst’s detached use of assistants to produce his work: ‘it’s a little insulting to craftsmen’ he was quoted as saying, while […]

18 February 2012


Damien Hirst Trades Spots For Bricks And Mortar

New Hirst Eco devolopment in Devon builds 500 new affordable homes Damien Hirst, is turning his entrepeneurial  expertise to property development. Yesterday he unveiled plans to  build 500 eco homes overlooking the Bristol Channel. The 46 year old stated that he was “incredibly excited” about the Ilfracombe, Devon development, a project in which he hopes […]

14 February 2012


Bag Your Own Picasso At 20 21 International Art Fair

Sixth edition of 20/21 International Art Fair boasts international dealers peddling art by world class artists This weekend, the 20/21 INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR is the only place to be if you’re an Art lovin’ Londoner. Taking place at the Royal College of Art, in Kensington Gore, London SW7, from 16 – 19 February 2012, the fair […]

11 February 2012


Henry Moore Breaks Damien Hirst Auction Record

Most expensive British bronze sells for £19.1 million At Christie’s Christies has broken the auction record for the most expensive work of British sculpture sold. The work of art, by Modernist Henry Moore depicts a reclining female figure resting on her elbow. The abstract bronze,titled Reclining Figure was created for the Festival of Britain in […]

10 February 2012


Portrait Of Lucian Freud Revealed For First Time

Bonhams is all set for Monday’s sale of important works by key artists of the twentieth century – including the only portrait Auerbach ever made of Freud –, estimated to make £1,853,000-2,725,000 According to Benedetta Ghione-Webb, Head of Sale, each lot has been ‘carefully selected because it shows the very best of the artist’. Pride […]

9 February 2012

Curators Of The Future Stage Major Courtauld Exhibition

East Wing X: Material Matters @ Courtauld Institute of Art – REVIEW Every other year, coming on for two decades, the Courtauld Institute of Art has given over its East Wing to a student-run exhibition of contemporary art. It represents a sort of test run for the curators of the future, currently being incubated in […]

6 February 2012


Live Webcast Launches Future Generation Art Prize 2012

The Future Generation Art Prize 2012 has just been launched via an international online press conference that brought together the organisers, last year’s winner, and mentors Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Richard Armstrong, Sir Nicholas Serota, from 4 different continents. The international prize worth £100,000 is open to any artist under the age of 35, and […]

6 February 2012


Damien Hirst Jeff Koons Live Russian Broadcast

Future Generation Art Prize Live Press Conference Today The Future Generation Art Prize established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation is a worldwide contemporary art prize to discover, recognize and give long-term support to a future generation of artists. The Prize will be a major contribution to the open participation of younger artists in the dynamic […]

18 January 2012


Affordable Art Fair Opens In Los Angeles

The Affordable Art Fair opens in Los Angeles 18 -22 January. The fair showcases original, contemporary artwork priced from $100 to $10,000.  It is fantastic way to expand your collection and knowledge in a comfortable setting. Until this year, the fair has been an international fixture. Now Los Angeles will get to experience the full […]

14 January 2012


Fake Damien Hirst Spot Prints Man In Court

Jail for art dealer in fraudulent Hirst print scam Richard Silver, a part time New York art dealer, who purchased $40,000 worth of fake Damien Hirst prints in 2006 from an ebay seller, in Irvine, Calif, has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for falsifying records and appraisals  for a series of fake Damien […]

12 January 2012

Damien Hirst Spot The Difference

Gagosian opens 11 simultaneous exhibitions of Damien Hirst’s Spot Paintings internationally: we review the London offering Damien Hirst has been given a hard time throughout his career, whether its David Hockney lashing out at the army of assistants working for Hirst Inc., or one of the many critics lampooning his work as lightweight one-liners.  So […]

10 January 2012


How To Buy Damien Hirst Spot Art

International exhibition of Damien Hirst’s spot paintings to open at Gagosian, with non-millionaires being given chance to partake via host of Hirst merchandise at Other Criteria Damien Hirst has teamed up with his longtime U.S. dealer Larry Gagosian to deliver a complete exhibition of his ‘Spot’ paintings across all 11 Gagosian galleries worldwide – from […]

9 January 2012


David Hockney Denies Damien Hirst Rebuff

Was the BBC interview with Andrew Marr misleadin? The British Artist David Hockney, 74 has denied slagging off Damien Hirst for hiring assistants to produce his works for him. In an interview with Andrew Marr in the Radio Times Hockney stated; that the practice was “a little insulting to craftsmen”. However, the Royal Academy of […]

3 January 2012


David Hockney Lashes Out At Damien Hirst

British painter condemns Hirst’s use of assistants to create artwork: but is Hockney out of touch? David Hockney has spoken out against Damien Hirst for using a large number of assistant to create his work. This was during his first public statement since being included in the 2012 nominations for the royal Order of Merit, […]

13 December 2011


Damien Hirst Spot Paintings To Flood The World

300 spot paintings from 1986-present are set to be exhibited simultaneously across Gagosian’s 11 galleries across the world Damien Hirst has teamed up with his longtime U.S. dealer Larry Gagosian to deliver a complete exhibition of his ‘Spot’ paintings across all 11 Gagosian galleries worldwide.  All the exhibitions, from London to Hong Kong, to Beverly […]

8 December 2011


Damien Hirst Speaks On EU Artist Resale Rights

Artist Damien Hirst has joined other blue chip British artists in supporting the impending change to the laws on the resale of art for living artists and the estates of artists who have died less than 100 years ago. Hirst, who stands to benifit from the change in the law, more than any other UK […]

23 November 2011


Bloomberg New Contemporaries Sneak Peek Into Art Future

New Contemporaries is back at the ICA, affording visitors with a sneak preview into the art gallery of the future ‘It’s not even art! … ‘There’s nothing to understand! … It’s a hoax!’, reads a flyer for the Young Contemporaries exhibition of 1968. And, yesterday, more than half a century later, the annual showcase for […]

21 November 2011


Tate Security Tightened For Hirst Diamond Skull

Diamond and platinum bling sculpture expected to engage public Damien Hirst’s iconic diamond-encrusted platinum skull will be exhibited in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern as part of a major retrospective of his work, which is set to open 4 April 2012. The sculpture titled, “For the Love of God” will be displayed until 24 […]

17 November 2011


S[edition] Innovates With On Screen Art By Big Name Artists

With Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin digital artworks available from £5, S[edition] invites anyone and everyone to become art collectors This morning, Harry Blain (founder of Haunch of Venison and Blain|Southern) and Robert Norton (former CEO of Saatchi Online) launched an innovative new scheme for selling art – S[edition]; an online initiative to sell affordable digital artworks […]