14 May 2020

Scotland Marks Thirtieth Anniversary Of Historic Venice Biennale Takeover – Clare Henry

Thirty years ago this week, in 1990, Scotland made history at the 44th Venice Biennale. It was the first and only time in its 125-year history that Scotland was part of the official Venice Biennale, and as a country in its own right.

17 April 2018

David Mach Is Back With New Glasgow Installation/Exhibition – Clare Henry

In 1983 David Mach burst upon the media stage with his London Southbank giant Polaris car tyre submarine installation.

18 March 2016


David Mach Unveils Easter Installation Golgotha At Chester Cathedral

David Mach, the Turner Prize nominated artist and one of Britain’s leading sculptors will see his monumental sculpture Golgotha installed in Chester Cathedral from today. Golgotha is situated in the South Transept where Mach’s shocking and contemporary depiction of the crucifixion will contrast starkly with the cathedral’s 14thC surroundings. Such is the scale of the […]