9 March 2014


Italy Condemns Tasteless Ad Showing Michelangelo’s David Holding Assault Rifle

Outrage over an advert by an American weapons firm showing Michelangelo’s David holding an assault rifle has been expressed by Italy’s Culture Minister. Dario Franceschini stated yesterday that the image was ‘offensive and violated the law’. Italian media was buzzing with condemnation of the photo depicting the iconic sculpture with a bolt-action rifle in his […]

15 March 2012


Duffy Photographs Rise From The Ashes

New Exhibition The Lost Portraits Resurface At Proud A new exhibition of the lost portrait photographs of Brian Duffy at the Proud Gallery in Chelsea opens on 22 March. This is an exclusive collection of rare, signed prints from sixties music and fashion photographer, Brian Duffy. Taken from an archive after the late photographer attempted […]