22 July 2017

Salvador Dali Remains Perfectly Preserved Reveals Official

Salvador Dali’s body was well-preserved officials stated after the exemption of his body on Thursday night. His hair and mustache were also in perfect shape with facial hair in the trademark “ten past ten” position. His remains were exhumed to settle a paternity claim with a 61-year-old psychic in Catalonia.

13 April 2017


Tracey Emin Death Mask Purchased For £67k By National Portrait Gallery

Death Mask’ by artist Tracey Emin, has been purchased by The National Portrait Gallery in London, it was announced today,

23 January 2015


King Tutankhamun’s Death Mask Under Scrutiny For Amateur Restoration

Amateur restoration using inappropriate epoxy glue has defaced one of the worlds most iconic works of art. The mask of King Tutankhamun is now set to undergo assessment. The crude repair holding the narrow, blue and gold beard, on the famous mask, must be removed and reattached.  According to reports on the Arabic news site […]