6 July 2019


Leon Kossoff Leading School Of London Painter Dies Age 92

The death of Leon Kossoff, who died on 4 July after a short illness is nearly the end of an era for the great wave of British painting known as the School of London.

21 February 2018


Edward Lucie-Smith Bids A Final Farewell To The Avant-Garde

The contemporary art world seems an increasingly strange place to be.

28 July 2015


Fig2 Week 18 – 4-11 May – Kathryn Elkin – The Elephants In The Room (by AJ Dehany)

Week 18 – 4-11 May – Kathryn Elkin – The Elephants In The Room (by AJ Dehany) First Movement: Trauermarsch (The Elkin in the Room) Second Movement: Stürmisch bewegt, mit größter Vehemenz(Mahler The Elephant) Third Movement: Scherzo (Beethoven’s Elephant) Fourth Movement: Adagietto (Okkyung Lee: Improvisation and Composition) Fifth Movement: Rondo-Finale (Bernstein: Killing An Elephant) Death is love’s final form. The sexual climax, la petite mort, is the […]

31 October 2014


Modern Panic III Curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo

Among many mobile sites of morbid origins, a crowd immersed itself in conversation, oblivious to the zoophical signs, the portrayals of decay and morosity, the vampiric outpourings, the dismembered cadavers, the distorted genitalia, the subtle torture instruments, the inquisitional glimpses. This was a plethora of Victorian oddities, the same objects we will find in the […]

11 December 2013


Derek Jarman: HIV Related Death Observed In Kings College Exhibition

An immersive exhibition of artwork by the filmmaker Derek Jarman titled Pandemonium will be presented by the Cultural Institute at King’s to mark the 20th anniversary of his death from an HIV-related illness in February 1994. The exhibition, which focuses on his life in the artistically vital warehouses at Bankside and Butler’s Wharf and the […]

26 January 2013

Death: A Subject For Art And Debate Wellcome Collection London

So it falls to me to review “Death” so soon after the death of someone I knew. His name was Chris Jones, who died in a car accident on Sleaford Road, Metheringham, Lincolnshire, at 5.30pm Christmas Day, 2012. He was an incredibly nice man, 23 years old, with an enormous heart and a smile that […]

24 January 2010


Contemporary Art by Carlos Rezende: Holly Armishaw (in English translation)

no reflex all that structures me, those arms, these legs, these extended hips, hair, eyes, horizontal arteries, veins, all these skins, these atmosphere between us… What you see in me its you. thats us, united in this indissoluble amalgam. Behind these glass surfaces, I protect myself of his air, of his mental confusion, of his […]