17 June 2020

Giuseppe Penone Donates Drawings To Pompidou And Philadelphia Museum

Giuseppe Penone (born in 1947) has made two generous gifts of 350 drawings to the Centre Pompidou and a similar number works on paper to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

28 March 2019

Passionate About Drawing: Roger Malbert Unveils Hand Drawn Action Packed – Clare Henry

For 34 years the wonderful Roger Malbert headed up Hayward Gallery Touring, overseeing literally thousands of contemporary art exhibitions that toured to public galleries & museums outside London & were seen each year by half a million folk in over 45 places. An amazing career, & a hard act to follow.

14 February 2019

Leonardo: 500th Anniversary Marked With UK Tour – Clare Henry

To mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death a once-in-a-lifetime occasion: a series of his very beautiful drawings displayed simultaneously in 12 cities across the UK

21 August 2017

Drawing As An Encounter Between Artists And Sitters By Edward Lucie-Smith

The latest stage in the National Portrait Gallery’s endeavour to reach out beyond its original remit – paintings and sculptures, often of not much artistic merit in themselves, of worthy Brits – is a rather fascinating show of Old Master portrait drawings, lent from other British national collections.

10 July 2017

Carla Raffinetti: Drawing A Way Out Of The Abyss New Exhibition

It is easy to dismiss the world of the ancestors and appeasing gods in a post-scientific Western society. Less so when burdened with a culture and history as oppressive as that of the white South African. Our shared past cannot simply be ignored, even if we were mere witnesses to it and can nurse a new narrative response to it. In a small selection of works currently on view at Ma-Wah, Continent, by artist Carla Raffinetti, invites us to reflect on the past as we suckle, forging our way out of the abyss.

5 January 2017

Leonardo Da Vinci Export Ban French Government Declare Drawing National Treasure

The French government has put a temporary export bar on a recently uncovered double-sided drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.

2 November 2015


Hieronymus Bosch: New Drawing Discovered

A drawing of hell previously attributed to a workshop assistant of Hieronymus Bosch has now been recognised as an authentic work by the master himself according to the experts conducting the Bosch Research and Conservation Project (BRCP) examining the artist’s works worldwide. The drawing has been hidden away in a private collection and will go […]

19 October 2015


Exclusive Photo Feature: Jenny Saville Drawing At The Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford is currently presenting the exhibition Titian to Canaletto: Drawing in Venice, this new show explores how the splendour of Venice and its shimmering light influenced artists, resulting in compelling portraits, atmospheric landscapes of exceptional beauty and sensuous figure studies – and is accompanied by a response from contemporary artist and YBA […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 – Week 11 – Beth Collar – 16-22 March (by AJ Dehany)

It follows me around like a fog, or I move through it like a ghost. Neither one thing nor another, everywhere and nowhere, I’m never sure what I’m supposed to be. Liminality in general usage is variously employed to mean ‘between two things’, kind of both and neither. The state between caterpillar and butterfly; the periods […]

13 June 2013


Advertising Exhibitions’ LINES feature: Maria Christoforatou

Check out our latest interview with artist Maria Christoforatou: LINES Feature: Maria Christoforatou

12 October 2011


“Praeterita” Interview on Artist-Writer-Artist: Dianne Bowen with Artist/Writer Philip Hartigan

Artist Philip Hartigan talks about art, interviews other artists, and more on his blog Praeterita. http://philiphartiganpraeterita.blogspot.com/ Artist-Writer-Artist: Dianne Bowen www.diannebowen.com “Deep Sound”, oil, pigment stick, pigments, wax pencils on canvas Accompanying poem: pacing downtown loft, bare window views, burial ground reconstruction, listening for signs, her own music she pins to the wall, catalogs blood lines, […]

22 July 2011


Spotlight on Jina Wallwork by Tread Softly Ink

Jina Wallwork studied art at Staffordshire University where she received a BA(hons) degree in Fine Art.  She has exhibited her artwork in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. In January 2011, as part of a project by the artist John Baldessari, Jina’s name appeared in lights across the Australian Museum in Sydney. […]

12 November 2010


Drawing ‘Moving Visions’

The music is flowing around the cathedral. Excitement and rhythm tug at the tourists, pulling them to the North Transept. I check I have everything in place. Paper secure on the easel, sharpener, rubber, charcoal, pastels in reach. People shuffle past, whispering and waving to friends. They take their seats and turn their heads to look […]

25 April 2010



CONTINUUM written by Mik Godley Review of Marek Tobolewski, Continuum exhibition at The Hive Gallery, Barnsley UK   Originally for Nottingham Visual Arts November 2009   I’m no formalist, and I have little appreciation for “process art” if that’s what this is, so for the last twenty years I’ve often wondered “what on earth is […]