10 June 2016

Alex Katz Drive-by Art: An Exploitation of Flatness By Edward Lucie-Smith

Alex Katz (b. 1927) is a senior figure, in all senses of that term, in the American art world, but perhaps not quite such a big deal here in London as some of this compatriots and contemporaries. If you are Jasper Johns (b. 1930) you get the Courtauld Gallery, side by side with major Impressionists and Old Masters. If you are Chuck […]

6 June 2016


Is Your Avant-Garde My Avant-Guard? By Edward Lucie-Smith

There are increasing signs of conflict between the two wings of the avant-garde – currently so-called – in the visual arts. I say ‘so-called’ because in fact neither wing has a firm claim to this much-coveted description. On the one hand there is the increasingly crazy and shady world of the big art fairs and major auction rooms. On […]

21 May 2016


ART16: A Cure For Avant Garde Guilt Trips By Edward Lucie-Smith

Art16, the Olympia Art Fair this year was considerably more fun than its immediate predecessor. It was more spacious in feeling, better laid out, better lit. Large art fairs often leave me, when I finally stagger out of them, feeling in urgent need of two things – a stiff drink and a quiet lie-down. This time I had none of those symptoms. […]

18 May 2016

Mona Hatoum: Hair, Electricity And Barbed Wire Tate Modern

Mona Hatoum’s work, as collected together in this retrospective, neatly straddles recent preoccupations at the great institution where it currently resides. There’s quite a lot to do with performance art, though the artist seems to have moved away from this in recent years. There are political echoes from the ever-turbulent Middle East. Hatoum was born in Beirut to a Palestinian family in […]

20 July 2015


The Fantasy Of Representation: Francis Bacon, Gary Hume In Beers London Exhibition

Beers London presents The Fantasy of Representation, an exhibition exploring figurative representation in painting featuring the artist’s Hurvin Anderson, Francis Bacon, Gary Hume, Alexander Tinei, Dale Adcock, Scott Anderson, Sverre Bjertnaes, Alison Blickle, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Blake Daniels, Eckart Hahn, Aaron Holz, Adam Lee, Jenny Morgan, Justin Ogilvie, Lou Ros, Andrew Salgado, and Dominic Shepherd. ‘In […]

29 May 2011


Edward Lucie-Smith Curates New British Art Exhibition In Los Angeles

Polemically Small is a monumental show for BritWeek 2011, organised in association with The Future Can Wait and Edward Lucie-Smith. The group show of over 100 works on paper from London and elsewhere in the UK based based on the idea that small, today, is often much better than big, this exhibition will be a […]