29 August 2018

Uncheapening By Stealth: Should Our Museums Remain Free? – Edward Lucie-Smith

I don’t often read the financial sections of newspapers. I’m too dim and out of touch for that. Occasionally, however, when flipping through the pages on my way to something that’s more my cup of tea I encounter something so splendidly deranged that I have to stop and give it a go.

5 July 2017


Grenfell Fire Art Auction Attracts A-List Artist Donations

Several of the best known UK artists have joined forces to donate works to an online auction to benefit the people affected by the Grenfell fire disaster. The auction will take place on Artsy the online platform from 18th July – 1st August 2017.

19 September 2015


Brian Sewell Art Critic And Broadcaster Dies Aged 84

The British Art critic Brian Sewell has died aged 84. Mr Sewell who was considered an expert on the French artist Poussin was the art critic for the London Evening Standard