30 December 2019


Gainsborough Landscape Painting Granted Temporary Export Bar

Helen Whately the Arts Minister has placed an export bar on Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘Going to Market, Early Morning’ in the hope that a UK gallery or museum can acquire the work for the nation.

19 August 2019


Temporary Export Bar Placed On Pre-Raphaelite Masterpiece By Millais

A temporary export bar on Millais’ ‘Ferdinand Lured by Ariel’ has been put in place by Arts Minister Rebecca Pow

10 August 2019


High-Value Paintings Queue For Export As Sterling Drops In Brexit Uncertainties

An outstanding painting by Claude Monet ‘Le Palais Ducal’ 1908 is at risk of going abroad unless a UK buyer can be found
. The picture valued at more than £28 million is one of a number of the artist’s works depicting Venice.

1 February 2018

JMW Turner Masterpiece: Temporary Export Bar Provides Time To Find UK Buyer

Michael Ellis the Arts Minister has placed a temporary export bar on Ehrenbreitstein, a painting by JMW Turner, to provide an opportunity to keep it in the country. The painting is at risk of being exported from the UK unless a buyer can be found to match the asking price of £18,533,750 (plus VAT of £306,750).

5 January 2017

Leonardo Da Vinci Export Ban French Government Declare Drawing National Treasure

The French government has put a temporary export bar on a recently uncovered double-sided drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.

25 February 2016


Culture Minister Ed Vaizey Places Temporary Export Ban On Giacometti Sculpture

A sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century is at risk of being exported from the UK. Femme will be lost to the Nation forever unless a buyer can be found to match the asking price of £2,083,500. Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has placed a temporary export bar on Femme by Giacometti to try to […]

24 December 2015


Pontormo Masterpiece Acquires Temporary Export Ban By Culture Minister Ed Vaizey

The Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has put a temporary export bar on ‘Portrait of a Young Man in a Red Cap’ by Pontormo to provide the opportunity to save it for the nation.  The painting is one of only 15 portraits by the old master in existence. The majority of the works are located in Italy. […]

5 April 2013


Culture Minister Vaizey Orders Export Ban For Raphael Drawing

The Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has ordered a temporary export ban on Raphael’s “Head of a Young Apostle”, (c. 1519-1520) a cartoon for one of the figures in the Transfiguration altarpiece housed in the Vatican. This is arguably one of the most highly regarded altarpieces in the world. Raphael is considered one of the greatest […]