16 May 2017


Chris Levine Immersive Light And Photography – Interview By Paul Carter Robinson

In this exclusive interview artist Chris Levine discusses his work as immersive and by extension transformative, often focused on a collective experience that enhances awareness of the present moment and our connectedness to one another.

30 March 2017

Geraldine Swayne: People On The Verge Of Action – Interview By Darren Coffield

In our latest in the series of Artist To Artist Darren Coffield interviews the portrait artist Geraldine Swayne who has a new show at London’s Fine Art Society.

1 September 2013


John McLean: Major New Fine Art Society Exhibition For September

The Fine Art Society will be staging a major exhibition of the work of artist John McLean (b. 1939), in September. It will feature a series of important paintings that have never before been exhibited in the UK – regarded by both the artist and the gallery as amongst the strongest work of his career, […]

24 June 2013


Chi Ming and J S Tan Exhibition Featured At London’s Fine Art Society

The Fine Art Society Contemporary is presenting the work of two bright young stars of the Beijing art world, Chi Ming and J S Tan. Following on from their joint exhibition with Atkins & Ai Gallery, Beijing, last year, Testing Freedom’s Temperature will mark the London debut for both artists. Visually the artists differ, but […]