23 June 2016


Exaggerated Narratives and Performativity Feature In Luxembourg Dayan’s New Summer Show

“The constraints of melodrama can be a great blessing, because they demand that all the characters involved – as absurd and extreme as they may initially seem – must stay utterly rooted in their own reality, or the whole project collapses.” – Stanley Tucci  A new exhibition in two acts, ‘MELODRAMA’ is taking place between Luxembourg & Dayan’s London and […]

11 February 2013


Last Collaborative Fischli Weiss Work Exhibited At Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery is presenting an installation by the Swiss artists Fischli/Weiss. This will be the first and the only public sculpture by the artists to be presented in the UK and one of the last works jointly conceived by the artists before David Weiss’s untimely death last year. This unique installation titled, ‘Rock on […]

6 November 2012


Peter Fischli & David Weiss The Concept Of Undercutting

I have a cousin who, when he was about 5, made me hide in an airing cupboard and await his signal. The signal, he informed me, would come when “The Popes” came up the stairs and round the corner. He was to bravely use himself as bait, lure The Popes past my hiding place, and […]