19 February 2015


Frank Stella’s Gigantic Star Sculptures Unveiled At The Royal Academy Of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts has unveiled a new large-scale artwork in its courtyard, by the influential American artist Frank Stella. The 7-meter tall sculpture, titled Inflated Star and Wooden Star (2014). The objects are made of aluminium and teak wood. Conceived digitally, the image was modelled and refined by the artist to the verge […]

1 December 2011

Georg Karl Pfahler Retrospective At Maria Stenfors

  Exhibition devoted to Georg Karl Pfahler, the German representative of ‘Hard-Edge Painting’ – a style popularised by the likes of Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella Six large paintings make up this small but focused exhibition of the work of artist Georg Karl Pfahler. The works on show date from between 1964 and 1981, a […]

4 October 2011


Around The London Galleries With Paul Carey-Kent

OCTOBER’S MULTITUDE No doubt about it: October is an almost embarrassingly rich month with Frieze itself plus other fairs, and the accompanying shows put on by major public institutions and the galleries in Frieze – such as Aaron Young at Carlson; Nathalie Djurberg at Camden; Mike Kelley at Gagosian; Anne Truitt at Stephen Friedman; Pipilotti […]

7 September 2011


Frank Stella Show Kick Starts London Art Season

Haunch of Venison Launchs important new Stella Show Frank Stella (born 1936) is unarguably one of the most important and influential American artists of the last fiftyyears. His work transcends boundaries between painting, sculpture, and architecture and in the course of afive-decade career the artist has continually reinvented himself, always seeking new challenges. Frank Stella:Connections […]