24 July 2015


New Art Installed In Fukushima’s Radioactive Zone Inaccessible For Decades

The deserted radioactive zone of Fukushima has become home to the works of leading international and Japanese artists, having installed a series of works in the area established in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster early 2011. But the ongoing exhibition, titled ‘Don’t Follow The Wind’, may not be publicly accessible […]

17 September 2012


Phill Hopkins Fukushima Series A response To A Natural Disaster

Phill Hopkins is exhibiting 27 works from his growing ‘Fukushima Series’ for the first time, in the Exhibition ‘Finished-Unfinished’. The works include small notebook drawings, monotypes, sculpture and video pieces. “Let no thought pass incognito, and keep your notebook as strictly as the authorities keep their register of aliens.” ― Walter Benjamin Hopkins says of […]