1 December 2017

Rose Wylie: Forget Age And Gender The Message Is The Painting – Edward Lucie-Smith

Rose Wylie is 83 years old. Her rise to fame has been fairly meteoric. Ten years ago few had heard of her, either in this, her native country, or abroad.

22 May 2017

Gender And The Art Of Cross-Dressing Explored In New Barbican Exhibition

A new exhibition displaying a recently discovered archive of photography is the centrepiece of a programme celebrating gender and sexuality at the Barbican. Another Kind of Life follows the lives of individuals and communities operating on the fringes of society from America to India, Chile to Nigeria.

24 April 2017


6 March 2017

Jo Brocklehurst Explores Gender, Punks And Fetish Clubs In Posthumous Exhibition

These enfant terribles of the art world pose, dress and act as if they had just walked out of one of the late Jo Brocklehurt’s artworks, an exhibition of which, “Nobodies & Somebodies” was opening at the House of Illustration at the same time on the same night.

3 September 2015


Non-conformity Gender and Queer Identities Explored At MOCA London

A brilliant new exhibition of photographs explores representations of non-conformity gender and queer identities at MOCA London. This will be the first show at the space in a year, following renovations. The exhibition invites the viewer to reflect on gender, self and otherness through the acts of looking, and being looked at. Through the study of gaze, gesture […]

12 January 2011


Art Coma No# 2

Today I learnt I was using a word completely out of context and in realising the true meaning of the word, I was guided to everything I needed to know. The word was ‘transgression’, it means a number of things; a sin or an act against the biblical ten commandments, a crime or illegal act, […]