10 October 2017

Jake And Dinos Chapman – Suicide Vests And Contextualising Goya – Edward Lucie-Smith

The new show by Jake and Dinos Chapman at Blain-Southern – their first outing with this prestigious dealer, offers a full-on re-interpretation of Goya’s Disasters of War, plus, on pedestals in the centre of the room, some full-size bronze versions of suicide vests.

1 October 2014


Imelda Marcos Masterpieces Seized By Authorities In The Philippines

Masterpieces belonging to the former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos have been seized by government authorities, who claim they belong to the state. A quantity of valuable paintings by Michelangelo, Picasso, Gauguin, and Pissarro were taken away from homes owned by the 85-year-old congresswoman. Mrs Marcos was known for her lavish lifestyle during […]

14 February 2012


Have Police Found Stolen Goya Masterpiece?

Cops discover what they believe to be a stolen masterpiece by Goya; but, farcically, its theft is news to its gallery owners During an unrelated search operation of property dealer’s house, Oshiwara police discovered what appeared to be the famous painting ‘Saturn devouring his son’ by Goya, and are now working to ascertain if it is […]

3 December 2011

Spanish Line At Courtauld More Siesta Than Fiesta

‘The Spanish Line: Drawings from Ribera to Picasso’ seeks to rehabilitate a much-maligned and ill-defined school of draughtsmanship, but ultimately disappoints Charting a development from piety to pigsties, the Courtauld’s exhibition of Spanish drawings is the first of its kind in London. The culmination of a four year research project, the works are drawn from […]