22 February 2021


UK Museums Set To Open From 17 May – Munch’s Cryptic Graffiti On The Scream – Courtauld Gallery Major Gift

UK Museums Set To Open From 17 May – Scrawled Cryptic Graffiti Discovered On The Scream – Courtauld Gallery Major Gift

15 May 2012


Precious Banksy Artwork Accidentally Destroyed By Builders

An iconic work by Banksy has been destroyed by construction workers in Melbourne – one of the last remaining artworks in Australia by internationally celebrated street artist. The workers accidentally drilled through the piece – depicting a parachuting rat – from the other side of the wall in order to create a sizeable hole for […]

14 May 2012


Has Banksy Killed Street Art?

A new mural in Detroit makes the controversial claim that big-name graffiti artists such as Banksy have killed street art. The ‘writer’ of this new piece entitled ‘Death of Street Art’ is by the Atlanta-based SEVER, and depicts six figures in the styles of some of the world’s most famous graffiti artists – including Banksy […]

3 May 2012


Iconic Bansky Artworks Reinvented Using Live Actors

A new series of images by newspaper photographer Nick Stern has seen iconic Banksy artworks re-created using real life actors. ‘Much of art is a recreation or interpretation of real life, but this project works the other way round – I wanted real life to recreate art’, explained Stern. He chose to work with Banksy […]

25 April 2012


Exhibition For The Artist That Banksy Ripped Off

French street artist Blek Le Rat is arguably the inventor of stencilled graffiti as we know it, inspiring a plethora of street artists, including the biggest fish of all – Banksy. Now Blek Le Rat – A.K.A. Xavier Prou – is to have his own exhibition in London, reclaiming the style as his own by […]

2 March 2012


Banksy Calls For Revolution Against Bullying Advertisers

Banksy lashes out at ‘The Advertisers’, who, ‘laughing at you’, ‘make you feel small’, make ‘your girlfriend feel inadequate’… In an online post said to be by Banksy, the internationally renowned street artist has lashed out at public advertising, condemning ‘bully’ advertisers for making themselves powerful by making their consumers feel inadequate and small. But, […]

17 February 2012


Banksy Art Defaced By Bitter Rival

King Robbo strikes again – but oh what an #EpicFail! Bansky’s long-time antagonist King Robbo has just defaced his ‘Shop Till You Drop’ artwork in West London. Tagging the base of this monumental piece with the words ‘Team Robbo’, he then added: ‘No escaping us sonny xxx’, and ‘you will need a cherry picker to […]

13 January 2012


Banksy Spoofed By Street Artist Hanksy

New York graffiti artist replicates Banksy artworks but with key addition – the face of Tom Hanks The tables have been turned on street artist Banksy, as the graffiti satirist gets spoofed by one of his own. A rival street artist, calling himself ‘Hanksy’, has been recreating Banksy artworks across New York’s Lower East Side […]

11 January 2012


Banksy Falsely Identified

New Liverpool ‘Banksy’ turns out to be a fake Just weeks after a Banksy artwork had been identified in Liverpool’s city centre, Liverpudlians were once again titillated by the prospect of having another. At first glance, the black-and-white image of a slouching man in a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, trailing a plug, seemed to bear […]

2 December 2011


Banksy Caught On Camera

  New Banksy artwork discovered in West London, with act of creation captured on film Staff at ForeignStudents.com believe that that they have discovered a new work by Banksy, the world’s most celebrated street artist. The piece has been stencilled onto the side of a disused building, and depicts a woman falling through the air, […]

1 December 2011


Banksy Strikes Twice In Glasgow

Banksy strikes Glasgow curry house an unprecedented second time – could this provide a clue to his true identity? Last year, Glasgow’s Nakodar Grill insured a Banksy rat sprayed on their restaurant for an incredible £20,000. Now, the curry house believes it has once again become the site for a new artwork by the world’s […]