24 November 2014


Kunstmuseum Bern Accepts Gurlitt’s Munich Art Trove – Art Recovery International Makes Statement

Kunstmuseum Bern (Museum of Fine Arts Bern), Switzerland has agreed, today, to accept artworks from the collection of Cornelius Gurlitt’s 1,300 works that has been bequeathed to the museum by the German collector. Christoph Schaeublin of the Bern Art Museum told a news conference in Berlin that the museum would accept parts of the artworks […]

23 November 2014


Cousin Of Cornelius Gurlitt Lodges Claim As True Heir Of ‘Munich Art Trove’

A relative the of late Cornelius Gurlitt, the famed German Art collector, has lodged a claim Friday for his inheritance, a Nazi-era art hoard known as the ‘Munich Art Trove’ which he Gurlitt had bequested to a Swiss museum, a spokesman said. The surprise move came just days before the Museum of Fine Arts in […]

20 November 2014


Cousins Now Claim Cornelius Gurlitt Was Mentally Unfit To Write Will

In the ongoing saga of the ‘Munch Art Trove’ and the Kunstmuseum Bern is about to decide whether or not it will accept the collection Cornelius Gurlitt bequeathed it in his will, a psychological evaluation has now cast doubt over the Nazi-looted art hoarder’s mental capacity during his final weeks, FAZ reported. The evaluation portrays […]

14 November 2014


Heirs Of Cornelius Gurlitt Pledge Restitution Of Munich Art Trove To Rightful Owners

The family heirs of Cornelius Gurlitt, the German recluse and art collector who was discovered to have a hoard of suspected Nazi-looted art in his Munich apartment, have stated that if they inherit the collection they will immediately return any looted artworks to their rightful owners. The collection has been known colloquially as the “Munich […]