25 September 2018

Gustave Courbet Origin of the World Sitter Identified As Constance Queniaux

The woman who posed for Gustave Courbet’s L’Origine du Monde, one of the most controversial and provocative works of art ever painted has been identified. The canvas depicts a woman’s genitalia and torso and for many years was banned from public display, as it was deemed obscene.

13 February 2016


Facebook Loses Gustave Courbet Nudity Case In French Appeal Court

A French Facebook user who took the social media giant to court after his account was closed down for posting an image of Courbet’s controversial painting ‘L’Origine du Monde,’ 1866, has won the case on appeal in France’s high courts. The decision was upheld and now Facebook faces court costs worth millions. The French teacher  argued that Facebook should […]

22 February 2013


Art Enthusiast Uncovers The Secret Of The Origin Of The World

An art enthusiast may have found the answer to a 150 year old art mystery. The Origin of the World, an infamous painting by Gustave Courbet which shows a close-up of the female genitalia, in graphic detail, has always been a conundrum. It was hidden in the private collection of Khalil Bey, a Turkish-Egyptian diplomat, who […]