30 June 2018

Guy Wildenstein Cleared Of Tax Fraud After Second Paris Trial Collapses

The French billionaire art dealer Guy Wildenstein has been cleared of tax fraud after a second trial collapsed in Paris on Friday.

2 October 2014


Guy Wildenstein Ordered To Pay €20m Over Tax Avoidance Allegations

The Court of Appeal in Versailles has ordered the elusive international art dealer Guy Wildenstein, to pay a €20 million as a security deposit against tax avoidance allegations which have been levied against him. The funds must reach the court before by 15 October, according to the Le Monde newspaper. It will be treated as […]

12 February 2013


Uber-confident Art Dealers Lose Face As Cases Go To Court

Art dealers have been getting a hard time of it recently, their profession’s reputation shaken by a succession of high-profile cases. Only a few days ago, the French American dealer Guy Wildenstein was charged in Paris with tax evasion and money laundering; this may be the first of several convictions, as he awaits trial for […]

7 February 2013


Guy Wildenstein Charged With Tax Evasion In Scandalous Billion Euro Case

Guy Wildenstein the French/American art dealer and foundation trustee has been charged with tax evasion and money laundering in Paris. The charges follow a lengthly investigation by the French finance ministry. Wildenstein, was officially charged on 24 January stating that the family and a Bahamas based bank, had  been implicated in tax evasion. The bank […]

28 January 2012


Art Loss Register Lists Most Stolen Artists

Picasso Chagall and Warhol make the top ten The Art Loss Register has compiled a top ten list of the most stolen Artists and Pablo Picasso comes out as the clear leader, by a long shot. He is followed by the unknown American painter Nick Lawrence who had 557 works stolen in a raid in […]

8 July 2011


Guy Wildenstein Formally Accused Of Fraud

Billionaire Art Dealer questioned over Art found in strongroom Guy Wildenstein, the billionaire art dealer has been formally accused of “receiving fraudulently obtained goods”  after 30  paintings  and sculptures, worth several hunderd million dollars, were discovered in his Paris Institute in a locked storage room. Some had been missing for decades. Many are believed to […]