20 August 2014


Former Haunch Of Venison London Directors Ben Tufnell And Matt Watkins Launch A New Gallery

Parafin, a new gallery in Woodstock Street, Mayfair will launch in September 2014 with an exhibition by the emerging artist Hynek Martinec. Original Haunch Of Venison directors, Ben Tufnell And Matt Watkins are joined by the founder of London’s Master Piper, Nicholas Rhodes to create this new serious London player. Parafin intends to represent a […]

1 October 2012


Giuseppe Penone An Interaction Between Humans And Nature – Review

The Whitechapel Gallery is something of a miracle: a public funded Modern Art gallery whose exhibitions are, for the most part, what the public’s caricaturish idea of Modern Art is. I don’t mean this as a slur on either the public or the Whitechapel Gallery. “The Public” seem to be proved right by the annual […]

19 June 2012


Nancy Holt Mechanisms of Perception Haunch of Venison

Review – Holt’s work ‘places emphasis on the mechanisms of perception, on ideas about place and time and consciousness, and in particular a profound sense of cosmic relativity.’ Whether or not she is a “photographer” or not, we are not sure, because she uses the camera to essentially have Land Art both ways: biodegradable, temporary, […]

17 April 2012

Katie Paterson 100 Billion Suns REVIEW

Jack Castle reviews the current Haunch of Venison exhibition How glamorous the art world is! “100 Billion Suns” was first seen at the July 2011 Venice Biennale, and you probably weren’t there. I certainly wasn’t, and I’m quite miffed about it. I’m miffed about it in the same way that I am when I hear […]

8 December 2011

Haunch Of Venison Reveals Mystery Of Appearance

‘One knows that, by some accidental brushmarks, suddenly appearance comes in with a vividness that no accepted way of doing things would have brought about’ – Francis Bacon This, according to Francis Bacon, is ‘the mystery of appearance in the mystery of making’ – the title and structuring concept for the major new exhibition of […]

22 October 2011

Franks Stella’s Falling Star

  Frank Stella’s first major London show in 25 years presents his spectacular early works alongside recent failings   25 years since his last major London exhibition and Frank Stella is finally back. Haunch of Venison presents us with ‘Connections’, an in-depth look at the work of one of the most important and influential American […]

7 September 2011


Frank Stella Show Kick Starts London Art Season

Haunch of Venison Launchs important new Stella Show Frank Stella (born 1936) is unarguably one of the most important and influential American artists of the last fiftyyears. His work transcends boundaries between painting, sculpture, and architecture and in the course of afive-decade career the artist has continually reinvented himself, always seeking new challenges. Frank Stella:Connections […]