7 October 2019

Mark Bradford: Monumental Excavations Of Humanity Hauser & Wirth – Sooz Belnavis

I am a painter, and as a painter, I tend to look at other painters work, under the scrutiny of deciphering the surface, the pictorial plane. The sheer vastness of American Artist Mark Bradford leaves me breathless and dazed.

23 September 2019

1 March 2017

Maria Lassnig Seamlessly Melding Figurative and Abstract Painting Hauser and Wirth London

There is no doubt that Maria Lassnig can paint. Whatever style from her early abstracts through to her figuration she handles paint fluently, her palette choices are selected with ease and confidence and show a debt to her Austrian heritage with more than a nod to Egon Schiele’s expressionist compositions and Oskar Kokoschka’s vivid colours and the European avant-garde. Her gestural brushstrokes are spontaneous, informal and expressive.

30 January 2015


Mike Kelley Foundation To Be Represented By Hauser And Wirth

The Swiss gallery Hauser and Wirth is to represent the Mike Kelley Foundation worldwide, the gallery and foundation jointly announced on today. The artist established the foundation in 2007, five years before his untimely death in 2012 at the mere age of 57. In a statement, the foundation says that the full extent of the […]

4 October 2012


Rita Ackermann A Largely Ritualised Act Of Painting

Review – The language of painting, says John Berger, “is capable of expressing spiritual experience but always within a concrete setting, always circumscribed by a certain materiality.” He is talking about representation, and says much more than the quotation I have picked which, out of context as it is, might just as well say “painting […]

16 November 2011

Hail King Paul McCarthy

  Paul McCarthy’s energetic new London exhibition at Hauser & Wirth does not disappoint, turning out to be one of 2011’s ‘must-see’ shows Paul McCarthy’s major new exhibition at Hauser & Wirth is a joyous sprawl of pop cultural reference, creaky robotics, and splayed legs. Straddling both the Savile Row and Piccadilly galleries, as well […]