4 September 2020

Flaubert Inspired Group Exhibition Explores Transformation At Project 78

A new group show curated by Scott Robertson featuring the artists, Ryan Gander, Katerina Kamprani, Scott King, Aidan Moffat, Jonathan Monk, Lynda Morris, Simon Newby, Mark Spelman and Ian Whittlesea opens at Project 78 in St Leonards E. Sussex 12 September. 

4 March 2015

Winterreise: A Group Exhibition Exploring A Poem That Inspired Franz Schubert

Winterreise was a group show inspired by the poem of same name written by Wilhelm Müller which Franz Schubert used for a composition shortly before his death. On entering the gallery Dermot O’Brien’s Untitled (Winterreise), comprises of 43 drawings evenly spaced along the wall, setting a sense of poetic rhythm for the exhibition. These drawings […]