26 April 2016


Punk Historian Mark Perry In Conversation At ICA London

The ICA London presents Mark Perry in conversation with designer, artist and punk historian, Toby Mott, discussing punk publications and Sniffin’ Glue, a monthly punk zine started by Perry in July 1976. Publication ceased in August 1977 when Perry found his energies absorbed by his new band, Alternative TV. In addition, during the conversation Mark Perry performs a short […]

25 April 2016


Brian Eno Lightbox Works Explore Light And Time Manipulation

The British artist, musician and composer Brian Eno has annnounced a new exhibition of lightbox works (Brian Eno: Light Music, Paul Stolper, London, 29 April – 28 May) The exhibition explores the themes that inform and inspire Eno’s particular vision of light and time manipulation. The new exhibition comprises an installation of six light pieces which seamlessly phase through an […]

18 April 2016


Guan Xiao: Presents Flattened Metal At London’s ICA Through K11 Art Foundation

The K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is pleased to announce its second collaboration with the ICA, London: Flattened Metal, the first solo institutional exhibition of emerging Chinese artist Guan Xiao in the UK, which runs from 20 April – 19 June 2016.  Working mainly in sculpture and video, Chinese artist Guan Xiao (b.1983) explores how ways of seeing are now influenced […]

6 April 2016


Art Night New Contemporary Arts Festival Will Transform London

Art Night is a new annual contemporary arts festival that will transform London for one unforgettable night on 2 July 2016. From a luxury flat on the Strand to a disused Jubilee line platform in Charing Cross Underground station, a range of buildings and public spaces across Westminster will form the stage for a series of large-scale art installations and […]

30 November 2015


Artlyst Podcast: Paul Carter Robinson Talks To Independent Curator Fatos Ustek

Fatos Ustek is an independent curator and writer based in London. She is currently working on the final few weeks of the ambitious Art Fund sponsored fig-2 project at London’s ICA. fig-2 is a visual arts programme of 50 weeks composed of 50 projects which have been mounted in the ICA Studio. The series began […]

20 November 2015


Fig-2 The Ground-breaking Exhibition Programme Goes Crowdfunding

fig-2, the ambitious exhibition programme curated by Fatos Ustek, which is presenting 50 exhibitions in 50 weeks at the ICA Studio in London, is launching a special campaign on the Art Fund’s crowdfunding platform ‘Art Happens’ on Friday 20 November 2015. It aims to raise £15,000 to create a special publication to record the project. The campaign will run […]

17 November 2015


ICA Celebrate Their 70th Anniversary With Programme Of Multidisciplinary Experimentation

The ICA have announced their artistic programme for 2016, its 70th anniversary year, which highlights the importance of the arts in experimenting with new ways of thinking, making and inhabiting a rapidly changing world. Reflecting the ICA’s original mission to encompass a range of art forms including art, performance, music and film and respond to the most pressing concerns of today, the 2016 […]

12 November 2015


Bloomberg New Contemporaries Returns To The ICA For Its Sixth Year

London’s ICA will welcome back Bloomberg New Contemporaries to its Mall galleries for the 6th year running. Selectors Hurvin Anderson, Jessie Flood- Paddock and Simon Starling have chosen works by 37 of the most outstanding artists emerging from UK art schools from a record number of applicants. Previous New Contemporaries include Tacita Dean, Mona Hatoum, Damien Hirst, David Hockney and Mike […]

21 October 2015


Fig-2 Week 25 – Cecilia Bengolea, Celia Hempton and Prem Sahib (by AJ Dehany)

Part 4: The Part About Me, Me, Me Nell mezzo del cammin di nostra vita… This here is the twenty-fifth piece I’ve posted about a week at Fig-2, the curatorial ultramarathon that’s putting on a new art show at the ICA every single week for fifty weeks and which I am in my own special way documenting on wordpress, aiming to do […]

27 July 2015


Anna Barham Creates Virtual Chinese Whispers Game At The ICA

The Multi-media artist Anna Barham will encourage visitors at the ICA Studio to participate in an elaborate game of Chinese Whispers. The week-long show is part of the dynamic exhibitions programme fig-2, which presents 50 exhibitions in 50 weeks for the duration of 2015. Using a speech-to-text programme, individuals will be invited to read from a piece of […]

4 June 2015


Fig2 – Week 17 – 27 April-3 May – Charlotte Moth – The Story of a Different Thought (by AJ Dehany)

Week 17 – Charlotte Moth – 27 April-3 May – The Story of a Different Thought Fig2 – Week 17 – 27 April-3 May – Charlotte Moth – The Story of a Different Thought (by AJ Dehany) When Max Ernst was six years old his beloved pink cockatoo Hornebom died on the same day that his […]

22 May 2015


Week 15 – 13-19 April – The White Review (by AJ Dehany)

The quarterly White Review publishes photography and art (decide for yourself what and means in that sentence) alongside the usual shorter literary forms from essay to poetry. It is named after and partly inspired by La Revue Blanche, the French art and literary magazine run between 1889 and 1903, which was strongly associated with Marcel Proust in the days before […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 Week 14 – 6-12 April – Suzanne Treister – HEXEN 2.0 (by AJ Dehany)

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between Diogenes of Sinope, Anarcho-Primitivism, the Unabomber, and Science Fiction? Suzanne Treister’s HEXEN 2.0 is a compendious project that brings together technology, philosophy, politics and literature to discover dystopic and utopic futures for humanity. There are five vast charts that visually map connections along the following themes: Historical Diagrams/From […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 Week 13 – Shezad Dawood – 30 March-5 April – The Room (by AJ Dehany)

Part 1: Art For All The fig-2 openings are getting hectic. I think some bastard has been publicising them. This isn’t how counter-culture works. It’s more like.. in the year 2009 full-time Eddie Redmayne impersonator and occasional guest on Star Trek Professor Stephen Hawking threw a party for time-travellers. Afterwards he sent out the invitations. Nobody […]

22 May 2015


Fig-2 – Week 10 – Annika Ström – 9-15 March – Six Lovely People (by AJ Dehany)

SIX LOVELY PEOPLE In the Silent Disco Diner, someone is murdering the six individuals from the Match.com adverts, one by one. Who has the means, motive, and opportunity? And can Labby, the amateur labrador detective, solve the mystery in time? My God, it’s full of twats. The Silent Disco Diner was heaving with bodies.  On […]

28 March 2015


Hans Haacke Proposes Tate For Gift Horse Beyond The Fourth Plinth

In the second and final part of our featured discussion between Hans Haacke and Jon Bird at the ICA, we conclude that Mr Haacke’s work crosses boundaries of Conceptual, Minimal, Pop and site specific Land Art. His latest work unveiled on the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square titled,  ‘Gift Horse’ is no exception to the artist’s reputation […]

13 March 2015


Fig-2 Week 6 – Young In Hong – February 9-15 – ‘In Her Dream’ (by AJ Dehany)

On a dark evening, Ann (26, a night worker), Una (22, a jobseeker and a single mum), Jin (31, job unknown) and Elvire (26, a migrant worker, nanny) are having a dinner party. It is not clear whether this is a dream or a real setting. As the party progresses, Ann, Una and Elvire become […]

19 February 2015

Dor Guez: The Sick Man of Europe – ICA London – Lost To A Moment On The Road

The ICA presents the first UK ‘institutional’ solo exhibition of Dor Guez, an artist of Christian Palestinian and Jewish Tunisian descent, living in Jaffa. The artist’s practice questions contemporary art’s role in narrating unwritten histories. Entitled ‘The Painter’ this new installation is the first of five from a new body of work, ‘The Sick Man […]

5 February 2015


Some Curators Think They Are More Important Than The Art Itself

Why put on an exhibition? What’s the point? The term curator comes from the Latin ‘curare’, “to look after”, simply meaning to care for a group of items, including cataloguing, conservation, and by extension academic research and education. When an exhibition is planned, the curators are tasked with moulding themselves to whatever agenda the display […]

10 January 2015


Post Punk: Clash’s Paul Simonon Exhibits New Paintings At The ICA

Paul Simonon the former bassist of London’s most important Punk band is presenting an exhibition of his paintings at the ICA. ‘Wot no Bike’ is a series of new works by this seminal musician, artist and biker. The oils on canvas, depicts his own personal effects that include biker paraphernalia such as jackets, boots, helmets, […]

28 November 2014

Bloomberg New Contemporaries – A kaleidoscope Of Style At The ICA

The alumni of New Contemporaries, the annual emerging graduate-artist prize, are an esteemed group – Tacita Dean, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Ed Atkins, and Laure Prouvost to name a handful – and it’s almost certain that a number of 2014’s vintage of 55 selected graduates will go on to great things. But this year, one […]

24 November 2014


Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 Opens At ICA London

From today the ICA will be presenting the ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’ – welcoming back the exhibition of fresh talent to its galleries for the fifth year running. Marking its 65th anniversary, selectors Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Enrico David and Goshka Macuga have chosen works by 55 of the most promising artists emerging from UK art schools; […]

1 June 2014


ICA Off Site Programme Returns To The Old Selfridges Hotel

The ICA Off-Site is returning to The Old Selfridges Hotel this autumn for a week-long programme (14 – 18 September) of live performance. Coinciding with Frieze Art Fair, the ICA will curate a programme encompassing the full range of ICA’s activities, including performance, music, art, dance and discussion. Confirmed participants include New York-based artistKorakrit Arunanondchai, […]

20 January 2014


ICA Returns To Its Roots As Membership Organisation With £1 Day Memberships

The ICA will begin charging an admissions/members fee from 12 February, as it returns to its roots as a membership organisation. The re-introduction of Day Membership set at £1 is expected to generate much needed cash and could raise up to a quarter of a million pounds for the gallery and projects. The membership builds […]

13 September 2013


Post Punk To Present Culture Explored In New ICA Exhibition

The ICA London is presenting a major new project at The Old Selfridges Hotel in London as part of a series of off-site events. It is all about tracing a creative thread through London’s recent cultural history. The exhibition allows you to take an immersive Journey into Subculture from the 1980s to Now. It illustrates […]