13 March 2022

Audrey Flack Carlo Crivelli And Robert Indiana – March Diary – Revd Jonathan Evens 

Audrey Flack found her signature style during the 1960s. Originally an Abstract Expressionist, she moved through New Realism to Photorealism.

12 December 2021

Betsy Bradley: Chasing Rainbows – Ikon Gallery – Alice Lenkiewicz

I was pleased to be invited to review Betsy Bradley’s first solo exhibition, Chasing Rainbows, at Birmingham’s IKON Gallery.

5 August 2018

Helaine Blumenfeld Translating Her Vision – Revd Jonathan Evens

Rupert Edwards, Director of the recent Sky Arts documentary ‘Hard Beauty’, describes the film’s subject, Helaine Blumenfeld, ‘Britain’s most successful sculptor you have never heard of.

1 November 2016


Roger Hiorns Featured In Major New Exhibition At Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery

Ikon gallery Birmingham is presenting a major exhibition of the Birmingham-born artist Roger Hiorns.

5 August 2015


Comprehensive Fiona Banner Exhibition For Ikon Gallery Birmingham

SCROLL DOWN AND KEEP SCROLLING is the most comprehensive exhibition of Fiona Banner’s work to date, re-presenting key early projects alongside recent and unseen works that span a period of 25 years. “It is not a survey – more of an anti-survey,” says the artist, “A survey suggests something objective, historical, and fixed. This is […]

6 October 2014

Lee Bul Unafraid Of Creating Jagged and Confusing Experiences For Her Viewer

The Ikon Gallery in Birmingham has opened its doors for the South Korean artist Lee Bul’s first UK solo exhibition, 10th September – 9th November 2014. With an explosion of highly reflective surfaces, flashing lights, progressive sketches and several large installations, Bul transforms the gallery into an immersive and intriguing space. Unafraid of creating jagged […]

14 May 2014


David Prentice Instrumental In Founding Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery Dies

David Prentice the artist who was instrumental in founding the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham has died age 77. He was also a renowned watercolour painter

27 August 2012


YBA Graphic Designer Honoured With Solo Show

The Graphic Design Of Tony Arefin 12 September – 4 November 2012 Ikon presents the first survey of work by Tony Arefin (1962–2000), a graphic designer who emerged during the late 1980s as one of the most important figures in the British art world. With his numerous catalogues for institutions such as Chisenhale Gallery, Serpentine […]