26 August 2015


When investment tore the heart out of art.

Art was originally associated with magic. It had sacred purpose. Magic. It is claimed that Tan-Tan, like the later and more famous, Venus of Willendorf (now called the “Woman of Willendorf) were reputedly fertility symbols. It is more likely that they were talismans, not merely symbols Unlike an amulet, which is an object with inherent […]

20 September 2013


3 Things I don’t like in the art world

I was inspired to write about what I don’t like in the art world (especially in Italy), among other things at night while I slept, only to spend a sleepless night because of this, the inspiration is pretentious at times, but always very pleasant. I can understand that some people don’t like the way I […]

24 January 2012


Art Collection Fund Seduces Rich To Invest In Art

The Art Collection Fund seduces new investors with promise of 12% return from $80,000,000 investment in art Investors are to be invited to invest in a European investment group with plans to purchase $80 million worth of modern and contemporary art for a predicted annual return of 12 % over four years. ‘The [Art Collection] […]

13 July 2011


Art as an investment?

History shows us that the greatest artists have constantly re-invented their subject matter, style, and ideas. An Investor will look to buy into the story of the artist and will look for interest and evolution in both the artist and the work. Artists should always challenge themselves to ensure continuing artistic development and create work […]