28 May 2016


Nuke Descending A Staircase: Paul Carey Kent On John Stark’s DoL Po

It’s not so rare to find that the ideas to be unpacked behind explicitly conceptual art turn out, when you examine them, to be rather thin. John Stark’s work operates as something of an inversion of that: one’s initial attention is likely to be on the technical assurance with which he constructs an alluringly glossy realism through the hyper-controlled application of multilayered varnishes […]

27 February 2015


Anti-Social Realism: New Exhibition For CHARLIE SMITH LONDON

The exhibition ‘Anti-Social Realism’ soon to open at CHARLIE SMITH, LONDON, will attempt to pose new pictorial possibilities through artworks that tackle notions of contemporary realism and offer us a distant echo of a political reality. The wry misnomer of the exhibition’s title slips between many interwoven threads, simultaneously conjuring up images of ‘anti-social behaviour […]