7 November 2013


Justin Bieber Rio Graffiti: Art Or Just Another Random Tag

The latest story breaking out of Rio de Janeiro concerns the baby faced pop star Justin Bieber, who has allegedly been charged by police with the minor offence of defacing a public building with graffiti. Although this is a crime punishable with up to one year in prison, it is unlikely that the incident will be […]

30 August 2012


Justin Bieber Robot Is A Contemporary Art Sensation

A Los Angeles based ‘Street’ artist who uses the name XVALA has stolen teen idol Justin Bieber’s wheeley bin and  created a sculpture from it titled ‘BieberBot’. The work of art has been completed with a crate commandeered from the Facebook headquarters’ cafeteria and forms a singing life-like robot of the star. It will now […]

22 October 2011


Justin Bieber Portrait A Smash Hit In Europe

New Exhibition “Vanity Fair 100 years of Masters of Photography” Showcases Bieber A portrait of Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber is just one of the important photographs exhibited in a major new exhibition “Vanity Fair 100 years of Masters of Photography” presented in Vitoria, Basque country, northern Spain which opened on 20 October 2011. This […]