31 August 2013


Katie Paterson: Ambitious Second Moon Project Goes Live

Katie Paterson’s ambitious Second Moon project goes live on September 8th 2013 with the launch of a dedicated website (29 August) and app (8 September) that will allow the public to track the lunar fragment once it begins its global orbit. Second Moon is the creation of artist Katie Paterson, the project is launching as […]

17 April 2012

Katie Paterson 100 Billion Suns REVIEW

Jack Castle reviews the current Haunch of Venison exhibition How glamorous the art world is! “100 Billion Suns” was first seen at the July 2011 Venice Biennale, and you probably weren’t there. I certainly wasn’t, and I’m quite miffed about it. I’m miffed about it in the same way that I am when I hear […]