3 August 2018

Zombie Boy Immortalized In Bronze By Artist Marc Quinn Found Dead

Zombie Boy an iconic body artist and model tattooed as a living skeleton, has been found dead in Montreal.

8 August 2013


Lady Gaga Goes Nude For Marina Abramovic Video Art Project

The international performance artist Marina Abramović who is attempting to raise  $370,000 for her institute to become a reality has engaged Lady Gaga’s support in fundraising. Abramović has now deployed the diva as a high profile ambassador. She has produced a video showing a chanting Gaga rolling about on the floor of a gallery and […]

28 December 2012


Lady Gaga Documentary The Creation Of Artpop And You

Lady Gaga has always known how to mix art with popular culture. Her art school background seems to surface at every opportunity. Now the mega monster is collaborating with the fashion photographer Terry Richardson to create her first official documentary. Known for her wild costumes and outrageous stage antics, Gaga has moved on to movie […]