20 February 2012


Sex In Time Latest London Art Twelve Choices

Paul Carey-Kent explores a dozen new exhibitions Here I focus on a dozen works – rather than reviews of whole shows – which I’ve found of interest recently. We start with pre-history and end with the eternal. The middle has a genital tendency, though here too the infinite sneaks in. Peter Coffin: Untitled (Prelapsarian), 2012 at […]

18 April 2010


Latest London Art Reviews

Paul Carey-Kent Previously Editor at Large, Art World Magazine Art Exhibitions • Events • Galleries By Paul Carey-Kent 29 July 2011 ‘Anthology’ at CHARLIE SMITH London, 336 Old St, 5-20 Aug I have to declare an interest in the juried prize show ‘Anthology’, which opens on the evening of Thursday 4 August (when the winner […]