13 September 2016

Louise Nevelson: A Rare Female New York Mid-Century Art Star

Louise Nevelson was one of the relatively few female artists to make a major stir in the furiously competitive environment of the New York art world. Even so, it took her much longer to get there than was the case for male artists of the same generation. Born in 1899, she was not really a […]

17 June 2016


Photo Feature: Louise Nevelson, Iconic Groundbreaking Sculptures At Pace London

Pace London is currently presenting an exhibition of works by Louise Nevelson, surveying the artist’s practice from the mid-1950s until her death in 1988, and is the fourth solo presentation of the artist’s work ever in London and the first since 2009. Nevelson was an iconic and vital figure in post-war New York, regarded for […]

14 June 2016

Louise Nevelson: Recreating A Slightly Mournful Age In Black

The big campaign to give more recognition to women artist is gathering pace at Tate Modern, with a solo show by Mona Hatoum on view and one by Georgia O’Keeffe opening soon. It’s high time – t would be churlish to deny that. Now Pace London has joined in, with a big show devoted ton the work of Louise Nevelson […]