23 December 2012


Joe Strummer Celebrated On the Tenth Anniversary Of His Death

Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of the legendary Joe Strummer the singer and guitarist of the Clash, a band that had it not existed, music would be very different today.  The Clash left an important legacy in the bands they influenced including, REM, The Cure, Arcade Fire, Manic Street Preachers, U2, Green […]

25 April 2012


Jenny Saville Solo Show Comes To Oxford

First public exhibition for the greatest figurative painter since Lucian Freud Modern Art Oxford is presenting the first solo exhibition of work by British painter Jenny Saville in a UK public gallery. This major exhibition traces Saville’s practice from the early nineties to the present and includes new works made for the galleries at Modern […]

21 February 2012

Jeremy Deller Rejoices In People At Hayward

Jeremy Deller: Joy in People @ Hayward Gallery – REVIEW Joy in People is the world’s first retrospective of Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller – an artist whose work typically eschews the gallery space for the public, and rejects the ‘high’ trappings of visual culture for the popular (hence the name of the exhibition). Given […]

20 September 2011


Jenny Saville Evokes The Ghost Of Lucian Freud

British artist makes her return to Big Apple with major new exhibition (Flesh) is all things. Ugly, beautiful, repulsive, compelling, anxious, neurotic, dead, alive. – Jenny Saville Jenny Saville’s  exhibition of recent paintings and drawings is her first in New York since “Migrants” in 2003 . This 40 something YBA is known for her oversized […]