4 January 2015


Thatcher Requested Bunker For Art Masterpieces In Case Of Nuclear Blast

The level of paranoia within the ranks of the Thatcher government in the 1980 was so high that plans to hide art masterpieces from British Museum collections, underground in north Wales, if a nuclear strike was to take place, has come to light.  A bunker fitted out to hide works of art was part of […]

23 April 2013


Margaret Thatcher Posters Banned From London ‘s Westminster Tube Station

The advertising company CBS Outdoor has banned six portraits of the former prime minister, Baroness Thatcher including portraits of her as Queen Victoria and the Virgin Mary because they offend ‘public sensibility’. They were due to be installed this week. Transport for London (TfL) guidelines on “public controversy or sensitivity” are a code written into […]

30 March 2012


Thank Thatcher For Art Boom, Say Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George court controversy in statement that Thatcherism is responsible for present-day art boom Speaking to the New Statesman about the current artistic climate, they declared the artworld ‘fantastic – never were there so many living artists making a living, thanks to the free- market economy.’ They detect an irony in the centre-left leanings […]