4 June 2015


Fig2 – Week 17 – 27 April-3 May – Charlotte Moth – The Story of a Different Thought (by AJ Dehany)

Week 17 – Charlotte Moth – 27 April-3 May – The Story of a Different Thought Fig2 – Week 17 – 27 April-3 May – Charlotte Moth – The Story of a Different Thought (by AJ Dehany) When Max Ernst was six years old his beloved pink cockatoo Hornebom died on the same day that his […]

4 March 2015


German State-Owned Portigon Collection Plan To Save Works From Deaccession

In January of this year the German state-owned bank Portigon AG of North Rhine-Westphalia, the rebranded successor of the WestLB which folded in 2012 during the financial crisis, decided to deaccession its entire art collection. The bank holds approximately 400-pieces of art, which includes works by Pablo Picasso, August Macke, Joseph Beuys, and Günther Uecker. […]

19 January 2015


Wolfgang Beltracchi German Master Art Forger Completes Jail Term

The German master forger Wolfgang Beltracchi, who was convicted of creating 14 fake works of art purported to be by the likes of Max Ernst and Heinrich Campendonk, has been released from prison. Yet the number of work that the forger was convicted of creating is a mere fraction of the 300 works that Beltracchi […]

31 October 2014


Modern Panic III Curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo

Among many mobile sites of morbid origins, a crowd immersed itself in conversation, oblivious to the zoophical signs, the portrayals of decay and morosity, the vampiric outpourings, the dismembered cadavers, the distorted genitalia, the subtle torture instruments, the inquisitional glimpses. This was a plethora of Victorian oddities, the same objects we will find in the […]

20 October 2012


British Memorial For Artistes Who Suffered Persecution Under Nazis

A campaign has been launched to build a permanent  memorial to the ‘Modern Artists’ who were persecuted by the Nazis in World War II. Works deemed ‘Entartete Kunstdegenerat’ (degenerate)  by the delusional, former art student, Adolf Hitler, whose hatred for progressive and ‘modern art’, by artists such as Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters and Paul Klee […]

2 February 2012


Dorothea Tanning Surrealist Artist And Wife Of Max Ernst Dies

Dorothea Tanning, a leading Surrealist painter during the 1930s married to Max Ernst, has died aged 101 Tanning achieved recognition for her vivid and often disturbing portrayals of dream imagery, such as ‘Maternity’ (1946), showing a troubled mother, her long gown ripped to rags at the belly, holding a fretful baby, while at her feet […]

1 October 2011


Artist As Jeweler Picasso to Koons

New Exhibition explores the blur zone between fine art and Jewelry making A new exhibition exploring the relationship between key artists and jewelry is currently being mounted at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Max Ernst, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Jeff Koons and Anish Kapoor are some of […]

26 May 2011


Leonora Carrington Last Surrealist Dies At 94

First Generation Surrealist Painter Dead Leonora Carrington 6 April 1917 – 25 May 2011 was a British-born Mexican artist, painter, sculptor, writer, alchemist, visionary, and the darling of the 1930s Surrealism movement. Carrington was born during George V’s reign, to Harold Carrington, a textile tycoon, and Mairi Moorhead. They were social climbers and, much to […]