28 June 2018

The Afterlife Of Michael Jackson In Pictures – Edward Lucie-Smith

When I first heard that the National Portrait Gallery here in London was planning to do an exhibition about Michael Jackson, the very famous but ultimately doomed African American pop star,

14 August 2011


Amy Winehouse Pill Portrait Goes Viral

Jason Mercier has created a portrait of Amy Winehouse made from over 5,000 multicoloured pills. The artist created the 17 x 21 inch picture to honour the singer’s short life. The soul singer died last month, bringing an end to her battle with drugs and alcohol. Since 2006, she earned a reputation for her struggle […]

6 April 2011


Michael Jackson Fans Insulted By ‘Jeff Koons’ Style Sculptures

A new sculpture of the Late “King Of Pop” Michael Jackson by Swedish-born artist Maria von Köhler has outraged Jackson fans in London and prompted numerous death threats to the recording studio where the work of art is installed. Premises Studios famous for past recordings by The Artic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse is located in […]

2 April 2011


Is Justin Beiber A Warhol Style Icon?

The answer is yes. If this were were 30 years ago Andy Warhol would embrace Beiber fever as he did other classic personalities from the film and music industries. Bieber crosses all boundaries of gender. His sex-appeal is androgynous and his classic good looks appeal, not only to heterosexual pubescent girls but also to a […]

18 July 2009


Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff, Koons Will This Now Quadruple In Price?

It’s a scary prospect but will the death of Michael Jackson drive this kitsch trinket to become one the worlds most valuable works of contemporary art by a living artist? It is quite possible that the new phenomenon of ‘fan art’ will kick start a new season of auction records for Jeff Koons, the artist […]