9 December 2019


Banksy Christmas Mural Highlighting Homeless Crisis Appears In Birmingham

A new Banksy Christmas artwork has appeared in Birmingham (UK), highlighting the homeless crisis.

26 January 2019

Banksy Paris Memorial To Bataclan Terror Victims Stolen

How low can you go? Art thieves have made off with a Banksy wall mural in Paris that was painted as a memorial to the Paris terror attack victims in 2015.

20 December 2018

Is Banksy Back In Bristol For Xmas? New Port Talbot Mural Unveiled

The official Banksy website has confirmed that a mural which appeared on a Port Talbot wall is the work of the elusive Street Artist. Banksy has had a busy year with work popping up around the globe, a Paris mural To Coincide With World Refugee Day and a 20m high mural in New York to highlight to […]

9 May 2017

Banksy Brexit Mural In Dover A Sign Of The Times

Banksy, the elusive street artist has created a relevant new work in Dover inspired by Brexit.

12 September 2015


Judge Rules Banksy’s ‘Art Buff’ Mural Must Be Returned To Folkestone

In December of last year campaigners stated that Banksy’s ‘Art Buff’ mural might return to Folkestone, after the work reportedly failed to sell at Art Basel Miami. As selling the painting on the open market turned out to be difficult, according to insiders, as the work had not been authenticated by Pest Control – a […]

30 November 2014


Josef Albers Masterpiece Destroyed By MetLife Could Be Recreated

For several decades thousands of people walked by an enormous red, white and black mural created by the German-born artist and colorist Josef Albers, on their way to Grand Central Station. It was designed as a homage to New York, the city to which he immigrated in 1933. The artwork was situated in the former […]

8 April 2014


Bridget Riley Unveils New Mural Art At St Mary’s Hospital London

The British artist Bridget Riley, best known for her colourful ‘OP Art’ paintings and prints has created a 56m-long mural for a corridor at St Mary’s Hospital in London. The painter stated that she didn’t want the mural to play too many tricks on the eye and that it was to remind the patients and […]