11 April 2016


Contentious Nahmad Modigliani Masterpiece: Geneva storage Facility Raided By Authorities

Back in 2014 Artlyst reported that Amedeo Modigliani’s Seated Man with a Cane, a 1918 painting that was allegedly stolen by the Nazis from Oscar Stettiner, a prominent Paris gallerist was in dispute by the heir to Mr Stettiner’s estate one Phillippe Maestracci. In 1939. Stettiner escaped Paris leaving the painting behind. The work was confiscated by Marcel Philippon, […]

27 August 2014


Nahmad Modigliani Masterpiece vs Mondex The Nazi Restitution Repo Squad

Let’s face it everyone hates the Nazis! Even after 76 years the Third Reich still evokes a nauseating feeling amongst most civilised people, especially the cultured. Now just when you thought the healing process had set in, more and more cases of masterpieces looted by the Nazis seem to be emerging, igniting enormous amounts of […]