14 December 2021


Piet Mondrian: Philadelphia Museum In Ownership Dispute – Banksy Releases T-Shirt To Support Colston Four – More Cornelius Gurlitt Nazi Restitution

Piet Mondrian: PMA In Ownership Dispute – Banksy Releases T-Shirt To Support Colston Four – More Cornelius Gurlitt Nazi Restitution

6 April 2018


London Dealer Richard Nagy Ordered To Return Stolen Egon Schiele Drawings

Two works on paper by the Secessionist artist Egon Schiele stolen from a Jewish family by the Nazis in the late 1930s have been ordered to be restituted to the heirs of an Austrian Holocaust victim.

22 March 2018


Will Liz Taylor’s Van Gogh Sold In 2012 For £10m Flip For £50m?

Liz Taylor’s Van Gogh Vue de l’asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Rémy is back on the market again after selling in an auction at Christie’s in February 2012 for £10,121,250.

21 March 2018

 Lucas Cranach Painting Stolen By The Nazis To Be Auctioned

A painting stolen by the Nazis over 80 years ago by Lucas Cranach the Elder is to be auctioned at Christie’s. 

28 July 2017

Nazi-looted Art UK Government Renews Commitment To Fair Restitution

Stronger measures to return Nazi-looted art to its original owners will be called for by the UK Government at the first European conference dedicated to the issue in five years.

27 July 2017

Stolen Paul Klee Painting Nazi Restitution Case Settled After 26 Years

Germany’s longest-running legal court case involving Nazi-looted art has settled with the claimant.

10 September 2016


London’s National Gallery Refuse Restitution Claims By Henri Matisse Painting’s Descendants

London’s National Gallery says it will not be giving the descendants of Henri Matisse’s model Greta Moll a work in their collection claimed to have been received through an “illicit transfer”.  The portrait painted in 1908, entitled “Portrait of Greta Moll” is the subject of a legal claim lodged in New York by three family members of its subject, an […]

15 April 2016


MultiBillion Dollar Art Swag Stashed Away By Sock Puppets In Switzerland

The controversial Panama Papers, in which a cache of leaked documents revealed the true extent of various

11 April 2016


Contentious Nahmad Modigliani Masterpiece: Geneva storage Facility Raided By Authorities

Back in 2014 Artlyst reported that Amedeo Modigliani’s Seated Man with a Cane, a 1918 painting that was allegedly stolen by the Nazis from Oscar Stettiner, a prominent Paris gallerist was in dispute by the heir to Mr Stettiner’s estate one Phillippe Maestracci. In 1939. Stettiner escaped Paris leaving the painting behind. The work was confiscated by Marcel Philippon, […]

24 March 2015


El Greco Masterpiece Stolen By The Nazis Returned To Rightful Owners

A masterpiece by El Greco has been returned to the rightful owners by The Commission for Looted Art in Europe, and Art Recovery International, representing the art gallery which acquired the looted painting in 2010. The announcement of the restitution of ‘Portrait of a Gentleman’ to the heirs to the collection of Julius Priester, a notable Viennese industrialist who […]

15 February 2015


Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation Has Restituted Eight Works To Heirs

Eight artworks have been restituted to the heirs of the Jewish publisher Rudolf Mosse by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, after a an inquiry into the artworks’ provenance, Monopol reports. The inquiry concluded that the Nazis looted the collection from the publisher’s daughter, who was living in Berlin at the time. The foundation has recently […]

18 December 2014


Juan Gris Painting Embroiled In Nazi Restitution Case

A long-standing restitution dispute between Germany’s Kunstsammlung NRW and the heirs of the Jewish art dealer Alfred Flechtheim, regarding the provinance of Juan Gris work, Die Welt reports. The museum has called on the panel of experts from the so-called Limbach Commission to adjudicate the ongoing issue. The commission’s rulings will be officially non-binding, but […]

28 November 2014


Kunstmuseum Bern Releases First Details Of The Gurlitt ‘Munich Art Trove’

The Kunstmuseum Bern has released a preliminary list that begins to itemise some of the works in their controversial Gurlitt collection. The Swiss museum has said that the prompt publication of the list was made “in the interest of transparency,” and that the institution will update the list as more information about the works is […]

21 October 2014


Kainer Heirs Sue UBS Over Nazi-Looted Degas

According to the New York Times; the descendants of Jewish collectors Ludwig and Margret Kainer, whose fortune, and art collection was sized by the Nazis during World War II, have begun legal proceedings against executives at the Swiss bank UBS , claiming that they neither received nor were made aware of any assets subsequently recovered […]

20 October 2014


Nazi Loot To Be Returned By Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum

An intricate silver-gilt and enamel salt cellar is one of the 500 silverware items, believed to be worth in excess of £10 million, that was bequeathed by collector Michael Wellby – a former friend of Professor Timothy Wilson, the museum’s ‘Keeper of Western Art’ – to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, has been identified as […]

27 August 2014


Nahmad Modigliani Masterpiece vs Mondex The Nazi Restitution Repo Squad

Let’s face it everyone hates the Nazis! Even after 76 years the Third Reich still evokes a nauseating feeling amongst most civilised people, especially the cultured. Now just when you thought the healing process had set in, more and more cases of masterpieces looted by the Nazis seem to be emerging, igniting enormous amounts of […]

8 April 2014


Art Collector Cornelius Gurlitt To Return Claimed Stolen Degenerate Masterpieces

Cornelius Gurlitt, the elderly son of a Nazi era art dealer has come to a co-operative agreement with German authorities to resolve

6 April 2014


Gustav Klimt Nazi Restitution And The Blockbuster Hollywood Film

A new film covering the subject of Nazi looted art is about to go into pre-production in Hollywood. This time it will star Dame Helen Mirren. The award winning actress will play the Jewish WWII survivor, Maria Altmann, who fled from Germany to Liverpool in 1938 and then moved to Los Angeles in 1940. She […]

29 March 2014


Tate Britain Caught Up In Nazi Restitution Case Over Looted Hungarian Constable

Tate Britain is to return a painting by Constable, which was looted from a Hungarian collector by the Nazis, during the Second World War. This decision follows advise from the UK’s Spoliation Advisory Panel, a body appointed by the Secretary of State. It considers both legal and non-legal obligations, such as the moral strength of […]

11 August 2013


The Forgotten Heroes That Saved Europe From Nazi Cultural Devastation

The Monuments Men is a story about the forgotten heroes who saved Europe from cultural devastation during World War II. It is now the subject of a new George Clooney directed film, set for release in December. It brings to life the tale  of a group of men and women from thirteen nations, most of […]

3 February 2013


Hungary Is Powerless To Keep Stolen Art From Nazi Restitution

International pressure is mounting for Hungary to offer a settlement to the descendants of the Jewish industrialist Baron Mór Lipót Herzog, who are owed hundreds of millions of dollars for their art collection, stolen by the Nazis and their Hungarian collaborators, at the end of World War II. Much of the collection hangs in three […]

14 October 2012


Is Edvard Munch’s The Scream A Case For Nazi Restitution

A version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, which broke all auction records for a work of art when it was sold for $119 million dollars last spring, at Sotheby’s, is being disputed by the heirs of a Jewish family, who claim its relatives were forced to sell the work by the Nazis. The Museum of […]