18 May 2016


Jeff Koons Now Exhibition Opens At Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery

Newport Street Gallery has unveiled ‘Now’, a solo exhibition of work by US artist Jeff Koons (b.1955), which opens to the public today, Wednesday 18th May 2016. To mark the opening of the exhibition, Newport Street Gallery will launch its new ‘Summer Lates’ opening hours, which will see the gallery remaining open until 10pm every Saturday […]

9 October 2015


Damien Hirst Reveals His Community Spirit By Opening New Public Gallery

Imagine, if you will, the following scene (sepia tint optional): a young student Damien Hirst gazing wide eyed at John Hoyland’s brilliantly colourful and zingy Rothko-like abstracts at Leeds Art Gallery. One day, he thinks, I will be as great a painter as he. Fast forward a couple of decades, and Hirst hasn’t proved himself […]

8 October 2015


Damien Hirst Unveils His Own Private Museum Complete With Pharmacy Restaurant

The Newport Street Gallery has opened their doors today (8th October), to the public in Vauxhall, south London. The gallery is the  brainchild of the mega-rich YBA artist Damien Hirst who now has a permanent space to house and display his vast art collection. Once the bad boy of the contemporary art world, Hirst seems […]

7 October 2015


Damien Hirst’s Private Museum Launches With John Hoyland Solo Exhibition

Damien Hirst’s much anticipated new private museum opens on Tomorrow with a  solo exhibition of works by John Hoyland (1934–2011) – one of Britain’s leading abstract painters – will inaugurate Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery, which opens in Vauxhall, south London on 8th October 2015. The Newport Street Gallery is a free, not for profit arts center developed at a personal […]

11 September 2015


Damien Hirst: From Cynical Pharmacy To Saatchi-Style Private Gallery

Regular readers will know of the special reserve of bile I harbour for one Damien Hirst: the businessman peddling ‘art’ in a beyond-cynical way that would make Warhol choke on or at the very least regurgitate a little his oft quoted adage “good business is the best art”. It’s most worrying that the innumerable people […]

30 June 2015


Damien Hirst: John Hoyland Exhibition To Inaugurate Newport Street Gallery In October

Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery will open its inaugural exhibition with paintings by John Hoyland, who was – ironically – the British artist who objected to the Royal Academy’s 1997 Sensation exhibition of works by Young British Artists. The new show John Hoyland: Power Stations is due to open on 8 October (until 3 April […]