18 October 2021


Spencer Tunick Restages Nude Dead Sea Project 10 Years On

Three hundred Models wearing only white body paint have posed in a desert landscape in southern Israel as part of the latest project by the American artist Spencer Tunick.

3 March 2020

Ryan McGinley Explores Trademark Nude Genres At Marlborough

Marlborough is presenting Pretty Free, a solo exhibition by the American photographer Ryan McGinley. The show comprises work from several years, but with a particular emphasis on works from 2020.

13 November 2015


The Human Body Stripped Bare In New Sotheby’s Exhibition

The human body stripped bare has the power to compel, to shock and to seduce. From the heroic, muscular male forms of Antiquity to the reclining odalisques of 19th-Century painting, nude figures have dominated the artistic traditions of the Western world. Curated by Jane Neal, The Nude in the XX and XXI brings together work by artists that revolutionised […]

14 October 2014


Rodolfo Villaplana The Naked And The Nude New MOCA London Exhibition

The young Venezuelan painter, Rodolfo Villaplana, aims to create a synthesis of abstraction and naturalistic figuration.  A big ask, you might think? He shows us an abstract, colored space against which float naturalistic banana skins and plastic cups; then naked men and naked women. At first the subject matter doesn’t matter.  But on reflection, it […]

8 March 2012

Thomas Ruff Takes Gagosian Out Of This World

Thomas Ruff: ma.r.s. and nudes @ Gagosian Gallery – REVIEW The two exhibitions at the London Gagosian galleries consist entirely of photographs. But to say that Thomsas Ruff is a photographer seems disingenuous, as the original images for the works are in fact found objects appropriated by the artist for a new purpose and given […]

7 March 2012


Thomas Ruff Porn Exhibition For Gagosian

Gagosian Gallery presents two exhibitions by Thomas Ruff – one displaying porn-appropriated Nudes, the other images from Mars In 2003 Ruff produced the first of his nudes, culling images from Internet pornography, then digitally processing them – enlarging them as far as possible – so as to cloud the crude clarity of the original images. […]