12 March 2020


Peter Saul And Jordan Casteel New Museum NYC – Ilka Scobie

A weird and interesting dichotomy of two painters who share neither age, gender, race or subject matter are united by passionate painting and masterful brushwork. Peter Saul, at 85 is having his first-ever NYC retrospective show

15 September 2017

Unveiled – The Oscar Wilde Temple by David McDermott and Peter McGough NYC

Twenty years in the planning, the Oscar Wilde Temple gloriously debuted in New York City’s Church of the Village. The artist duo David McDermott and Peter McGough have transformed the Russell Chapel into an opulent Victorian fantasy that replicates the sensual Aesthetic Movement championed by Wilde.

31 October 2013


Banksy Donates $500,000 ‘Chilled Hitler’ Painting To NY Housing Charity

As we come to the close of Banksy’s residency in New York City, his latest work  ‘The banality of the banality of evil ‘ Oil on oil on canvas, 2013, a thrift store painting vandalised then re-donated to the thrift store, depicts a landscape of a lake and snow capped mountains with a contemplative portrait […]

20 February 2011


Zabludowicz Collection In New York

The Shape We’re In (New York) As part of Armory Arts Week in New York the Zabludowicz Collection will uproot part of it’s collection and relocate to the 33rd floor of 1500 Broadway. The space will be transformed into a venue for US audiences to discover the activities of the London‐based Zabludowicz Collection, which supports […]