25 April 2012


Anti-Capitalist Occupy Posters Enshrined In Museum of London

The Museum of London is compiling select items Occupy London demonstrations. These include anti-capitalist placards, and even masks worn by demonstrators. The items are being taken into the collection to be photographed and posted online. ‘The museum tries to document all major events in London history,’ explained curator of social and working history, Jim Gledhill; ‘This […]

12 April 2012


Occupy Movement Vitriolic Tirade Against Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst has been subjected to an anti-capitalist tirade from the pious Occupy Movement In an article published on the Occupy movement’s official newspaper, Hirst is denounced as ‘a capitalist who exploits labour for vast gain, and pulls up the drawbridge just as the shit begins to fly.’ This article appeared simultaneously with the vandalism […]

2 November 2011


Tate Modern Protest Site Blocked By Police

Occupy London camp at Tate dispersed as St Paul’s camp is reprieved The eleven protesters who set up tents on the green in front of Tate Modern at Bankside yesterday were moved on by Southwark council and the police yesterday afternoon. The green-space has since been fenced off to prevent further encroachment by protesters. This […]

1 November 2011


Tate Modern Occupied By Anti Capitalist Protesters

Occupy London moves from St Paul’s site to Tate Modern First Photo A number of OLSX protesters have set up a small camp on the green in front of Tate Modern, on the South Bank. The splinter site was set up at 3:00 am this morning and consists of around eleven protesters. One arrest has […]

28 October 2011


Banksy Occupy London Sculpture Vandalised

St Paul’s installation covered in graffiti by other protesters The new sculptural work by Banksy the Bristol born graffiti artist installed at the St Paul’s Cathedral, Occupy London camp has been vandalised. It was unveiled two days ago in solidarity with the world wide Anti-Greed protest that has taken over ‘The City’. The elusive politically […]