23 January 2021

Outsider Art: Henry Darger A Hidden Artistry Evolved Into Music

Henry Darger was born in 1892 in Chicago, Illinois, he led a very isolated life and had no close relatives to speak of.

6 June 2017


Jamaican Art – Intuitive Outsiders But With That Old Time Religion

Jamaican art has never been as experimental as that to be found in – say – Cuba, its neighboring island in the Greater Antilles. Cuban art reached out to the Modernist Movement almost as soon as it began. And Cuba has always had links to what was going on in the mainland nations of Latin America. Art in Jamaica, linked to the UK, remained consistently more conservative.

29 May 2015


Bad Art vs Naive Art With All The Pop Cultural References

Art in whatever form – painting, theatre, a child’s potato stamp – is the means by which we express externally an almost infinite range of internal emotions, goals, aspirations, complaints. When it gets it right, it is sublime, and touches many people in varying ways on so many levels; but most importantly it opens their […]

17 February 2015


Bryan Pearce Outsider Art Stolen In Cornwall Heist

Works by outsider artist Bryan Pearce have been stolen from a quiet Cornwall village. The burglar took the works from a private home in the village of Zennor, absconding with four paintings, included two canvases by the artist. The owner of the paintings estimates that the two outsider works of art, ‘Portreath’ and ‘White Jug […]

7 December 2013


Outsider Art: Shay Culligan brings his retrospective show “TEN” to the Savin Gallery

An outspoken critic of, not just the art elite, but privileged elites in general, and stuffy pompous phonies too, Boston-based Irish artist Shay Culligan brings his retrospective show “TEN” to the Savin Gallery in Dorchester, Boston this evening. “TEN” encapsulates a decade of Shay’s work in the serigraphy medium, ranging from architectural studies to glamorous […]

17 September 2013


The Secrets of Outsider Art Revealed In New London Exhibition

Once the term Outsider Art, Raw Art or Art Brut  was used to describe work produced by artists working in cultural isolation, following their own vision. Their isolation might be physical, emotional, or a result of mental illness, or a combination of these. The term has now expanded to include other artists as well, individuals […]

24 August 2013


Madge Gill Inside The Outside Artist Ethos – New London Exhibition

Madge Gill produced thousands of ink drawings during her lifetime, with no training and no aspirations to fame. Her work remains an enigma: is it true she was inspired by an ethereal spirit guide? Was she genuinely in touch with ‘the beyond’, or was art-making a form of self therapy? A new exhibition at Orleans […]

15 May 2013


Prisoners Paint Humanity In A Parallel World Often Forgotten

Artist and documentarian Dave Adler has devoted the latter part of his career unearthing a unique subculture existing within the American prison system. Through dozens of interviews across the US he has learned about an art-making practice that involves the creation of large-scale painted murals for the use of prison photo shoots. The artists, who […]

31 July 2012


Madge Gill Retrospective, The Nunnery Gallery.

The Nunnery Gallery has re-launched with a new cafe and the first in a series of exhibitions on the infamous Outsider artist Madge Gill. Although her work hangs in permanent Outsider Art collections around the world, this is the first time that her work has been displayed in a solo exhibition for her modern day neighbours.   […]

8 November 2011


Art By Offenders Explores The Dark And Light Side Of Prison Life

UNLESS you’re a master forger the idea of art and crime mixing together might not spring instantly to mind. However a quick duck in to the Southbank Centre this autumn may have you scurrying to re-evaluate that idea and your perceptions of prison life.Introducing Art by Offenders; both fascinating in theme and remarkable in style, […]

18 August 2011


Museum Of Bad Art Taste Challenge

Is this art really as bad as the critics want us to believe? I have always been a fan of Outsider Art as a genre, so when I recently discovered The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) online I was over the moon. MOBA is a community-based, private institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and […]