26 September 2020


Robert Bechtle First Wave American Photorealist Painter Dies Age 88

Robert Bechtle who has died age 88 was an American painter and printmaker born in San Francisco in 1932. He lived all his life in the Bay Area. His practice focused on snapshots from everyday life, mostly his own life. 

19 May 2020


Artist Susan Rothenberg Has Died Age 75

The American contemporary painter, printmaker, sculptor, and draughtswoman Susan Rothenberg has died age 75. She was best known for her iconic images of horses in which she melded abstraction with representation.

7 November 2019

Charlotte Salomon: An Auschwitz Victim’s Personal Painted Narrative

This is an extraordinary exhibition by a talented artist who has long been championed in international circles. Charlotte Salomon was born to a middle-class family in Berlin in 1917. She died in Auschwitz 1943 age 26.

23 April 2017


African American Black Power Painter Barkley Hendricks Dies at 72

Barkley Hendricks the well known African American painter and photographer who evoked the spirit of everyday Black people, in his life-size portraits has died age 72.

23 February 2015


Sheila Girling Gifted Painter And Wife Of Anthony Caro Dies Aged 90

The painter Sheila Girling has died aged 90, on 14 February, her family has confirmed. The artist was known for her richly coloured compositions treading the line between figuration and abstraction, and has often been acknowledged for her influence on the work of her husband, the sculptor Anthony Caro, in what the couple themselves had […]

19 December 2010


Captain Beefheart Painter Musician Dies At 69

  Captain Beefheart AKA Don Van Vliet a legendary figure in both music and the visual arts has died age 69. Growing up in Glendale, California, Van Vliet gained notoriety as a sculptor of life-like animal forms depicted in clay. He would continue to draw, paint and sculpt throughout his life, and in later years […]