28 May 2016


Nuke Descending A Staircase: Paul Carey Kent On John Stark’s DoL Po

It’s not so rare to find that the ideas to be unpacked behind explicitly conceptual art turn out, when you examine them, to be rather thin. John Stark’s work operates as something of an inversion of that: one’s initial attention is likely to be on the technical assurance with which he constructs an alluringly glossy realism through the hyper-controlled application of multilayered varnishes […]

14 May 2016

Curated Choices: London Art Exhibitions May 2016 By Paul Carey -Kent

Paul Carey-Kent curates his choices of London art exhibitions for May 2016. His rolling ten recommended contemporary art shows are all on view now. Lisa Milroy: Out of Hand @ Laure Genillard, 2 Hanway Place – Tottenham Court Road To 25 June: www.lglondon.org Handbag, 2014, mixed media. approx 90 x 100 x 25cm.  (FXP Photography, London) Lisa […]

2 April 2016

Curated Choices: London Art Exhibitions April 2016 By Paul Carey -Kent

Paul Carey-Kent curates his choices of London art exhibitions for April 2016. His rolling ten recommended contemporary art shows are all on view now. Anna Barriball: New Works @ Frith Street Gallery, Golden Square – Soho   To 7 May: www.frithstreetgallery.com     Night Window with Leaves, 2015 –  Pigment and beeswax picture varnish on paper,            235 […]

31 December 2015

London Art Exhibitions January 2016 Recommended By Paul Carey Kent

Paul Carey-Kent gives us the latest in his rolling choice of ten, together with previous choices which you can still see… In the ‘too obvious’ category are three rather wonderful painting shows: Auerbach at Tate, Goya at the National Gallery, and Barry Schwabsky’s choices at White Cube, not to mention (oops!) the double at Hauser & […]

29 November 2015

London Art Exhibitions Highlights December 2015 Curated By Paul Carey Kent

Paul Carey-Kent curates his pick of the top London art exhibitions for December 2015 and into January 2016 Clem Crosby: My, my shivers / Rachel Goodyear: Fragments / Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture – Lampe VIII @ Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, 6 Heddon St – Central   To 9 Jan: www.houldsworth.co.uk Rachel Goodyear: Facing the Wall, 2015   Pippy Houldsworth has three shows by […]

9 November 2015


Bread and Jam Series Launches Third Pop-Up Exhibition In Empty House

The Bread and Jam series gives artists the run of a near-empty, soon-to-be-remodelled house in Brockley. In the third show, eleven artists explore the territory between order and disorder, potential and realisation, unformed and defined. Each has chosen a shape to insinuate or impose – to varying degrees – in advance of the fuller reshaping to come. There’s no suggestion that […]

7 November 2015

Paul Carey Kent’s Curated London Art Exhibition Picks November 2015

Never mind the various fairs, there are scores of interesting shows to see at the moment including plenty of big names: Goya, Escher, Fontana, Auerbach, Ai Wei Wei, Kentridge, Boetti, Twombly, Richter, Lanyon, Durham, Burri,  Viola… And plenty more whose work I like: Rachel Rose, Emily Jacir, Nancy Holt, Phoebe Unwin, Dennis Loesch, Rodrigo Matheus, Katherine […]

14 October 2015

Frieze 2015 Paul Carey Kent Picks His Favourites

There’s a good balance at Frieze this year: between showy and quiet work, and between heavy and light themes. I would characterise my selections – suitably for out times – as somewhat disturbing. Yet they’re by no means outright scary or pessimistic – there’s too much beauty, invention and wit for that…       […]

11 October 2015

Paul Carey Kent London Gallery Picks During Frieze Week 2015

Never mind the various fairs, there are scores of interesting shows to see at the moment including plenty of big names: Goya, Escher, Fontana, Auerbach, Ai Wei Wei, Kentridge, Boetti, Twombly, Richter, Lanyon, Durham, Burri,  Viola… And plenty more whose work I like: Rachel Rose, Emily Jacir, Nancy Holt, Phoebe Unwin, Gordon Cheung, Sol Calero, […]

9 August 2015

London Art Exhibitions For August 2015 Chosen By Paul Carey Kent

Here is the latest in Paul Carey-Kent’s rolling top ten, together with previous choices which you can still still see… Alex Cecchetti: the printing house of hell @ Kunstraum, 15a Cremer St – Hoxton To 22 Aug: www.kunstraum.org.uk Dancing with a teapot, 2015 – oil on paper It says something for Alex Cecchetti’s charisma that the […]

22 July 2015

Summer Art Exhibitions Not To Miss in London In 2015 By Paul Carey – Kent

Paul Carey-Kent one of London’s leading art critics give us his choices for summer art exhibitions not to miss. ‘Matthew Higgs and Clive Hodgson’ & ‘Figuratively’ @ Wilkinson, 50-58 Vyner St – Cambridge Heath To 16 Aug: www.wilkinsongallery.com   This is quite the smorgasbord: New York mutli-tasker Matthew Higgs pairs his droll found text works, extended here from isolated […]

22 June 2015

Art Basel 46 In Pictures By Paul Carey – Kent

Here’s a rather perversely democratic choice of just one piece each from a dozen categories: Art Basel’s gallery section; Art Unlimited (the main fair’s hall of 74 separate installations); the Liste, Volta and Solo Project and Photo alternative fairs; the Art Parcours works out and about in the city; other external installations; the commercial gallery spaces in Basel itself; […]

15 April 2015


Weight For The Showing: A New Exhibition Curated By Paul Carey Kent

A new exhibition curated by the art critic Paul Carey-Kent is set to open at The Maddox Gallery at the end of April.  Of the many competitors for our attention when we look at a work of art – meaning, narrative, form, colour, gesture, scale, sound, movement – its weight is not generally high in the list, heavy […]

25 February 2015

London Art Exhibitions March 2015 Picked By Paul Carey-Kent

There’s no doubt that the heavy hitters are hitting heavy just now (Marclay at White Cube, Tuymans at David Zwirner, Sarah Sze quadruple at Victoria Miro, Rashid Johnson at Hauser & Wirth, Tony Oursler at Lisson etc). Yet that’s not so hard to work out: here are some less obvious picks, including a bumper crop […]

6 February 2015

Paul Carey-Kent’s The Presence Of Absence – Berloni Gallery – Nothing Is Important

The Berloni Gallery presents The Presence Of Absence, the galleries new group exhibition curated by writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent. The principle of negative space has been recognised as a key element of artistic composition. The concept of the exhibition is to feature content as opposed to form: Carey-Kent posits the idea that what is […]

3 January 2015

Paul Carey- Kent Suggests 25 London Exhibitions For January 2015

2014 was certainly a good year for public blockbusters: late Matisse, Turner and Rembrandt, all of Veronese, Constable, Malevich, Polke and Kiefer, plus such quirkier fare as Emily Carr and Martin Creed – not to mention strong programmes at Camden, Chisenhale, Serpentine and the Zabludowitz Collection and the surprising scale of HS Projects’ showings at […]

2 November 2014

Art Exhibitions Not To Miss In November 2014 By Paul Carey Kent

London UK – So many new international galleries seem to be opening in Mayfair that one might get blasé…   but Marian Goodman’s is heroically scaled, and kicks off with a refreshing account of Richter’s recent work: not the auction-friendly strands of scraped abstracts or blurred photo-realism, but…   a seven-pane glass sculpture; eight of the rigorously […]

25 October 2014


Frieze A Fading Memory: Paul Carey- Kent Recaps His 2014 Highlights

Paul Carey- Kent is no stranger to Frieze London. Here he recaps his top choices from this year’s mega fair and comes up trumps with a selection, some of which disappeared within the first hour of the fair.   Art, typically, is useless. Otherwise, we suspect it’s design, though there is of course an art […]

13 October 2014

Paul Carey Kent reveals His Ten Hot Alternatives To Frieze

Paul Carey Kent  reveals his TEN HOT ALTERNATIVES TO FRIEZE, ten free exhibitions that are bound to get your art radar going. This is the most intense art week in the London calendar and not all of the madness needs to break the bank, with Frieze charging a cool £33 for one day’s admission not […]

30 September 2014

London Art Gallery Round-Up October 2014 By Paul Carey-Kent

The latest in Paul Carey-Kent’s rolling top ten, together with previous choices which you can still see.       TEN CURRENT CHOICES Sigalit Landau: Knafeh @ Marlborough Contemporary, 6 Albemarle St – Central To 1 Nov: www.marlboroughcontemporary.com The titular Knafeh refers to a video in which the preparation and division of the sweetmeat, which is equally […]

2 August 2014

London Art Exhibitions To See In August 2014 By Paul Carey Kent

Here is a selection of must see London art exhibitions for August 2014 Sigrid Holmwood: A Peasant Painter’s Garden @ ASC Gallery, Erlang House, 128 Blackfriars Rd – near St George’s Circus, Southwark To 8 Aug: www.ascstudios.co.uk Three Women and a Cow, 2013: Mushroom pigment made from blood red webcaps (cortinarius sanguineus), chalk, chrome yellow, […]

28 June 2014

A Tale Of Three Cities Paul Carey Kent Goes To Munich, Zurich And Basel

There’s more than enough to see at Art Basel and its satellite events, but travelling via Munich and Zurich made for an entertaining excess. SATURDAY – MUNICH Matthew Barney: Shaduf, 2012-13 – that being an ancient Egyptian irrigation tool elaborated into a throne room, as inspired by the pharaoh fertilising crops with his own faeces […]

10 May 2014

London Art Exhibitions To See In May 2014 By Paul Carey – Kent

TEN CURRENT CHOICES: Paul Carey – Kent Offers up a selection of the best art exhibitions for May 2014 The latest in his rolling top ten, together with previous choices which you can still see Nicole Wermers is known for explorations of consumer design, so perhaps it’s no surprise that when she saw a Roman […]

19 February 2014

Paul Carey Kent Visits Art Rotterdam 2014 For A Bit Of Double Dutch

Skyscrapers cluster along the Wilhelminakade along the river Meuse, where the Object design fair took place in the stunning new  Rem Koolhaas building Art Rotterdam (6-9 Feb 2014) is the primary national opportunity for the Netherlanders to showcase their own artists and galleries, and both are good. Logic, then, dictated that I make a ‘Double Dutch’ […]

4 February 2014

Latest Rolling Top Ten London Art Exhibitions February By Paul Carey – Kent

Sculpting in the gallery with an unusual industrial material, Frances Richardson’s Marx-quoting title casts her – with a little irony, surely – in the role of alienated labourer generating surplus value. But she allows the Concrete Canvas (www.concretecanvas.com), more typically used to make instant shelters in areas of conflict, the starring role. Teetering or propped, […]

5 January 2014

My Top Twenty 2013 Exhibitions Chosen By Paul Carey -Kent

It seemed to be a good year for double shows. Looking in no particular order at the geographically-constrained selection of what I actually saw (London unless stated) I didn’t think about it in compiling, but have only just noticed that Bedford’s finest, Andy Holden, and Sarah Lucas are the only British artists on the list […]

29 December 2013

London Art Exhibitions For January 2014 By Paul Carey- Kent

Paul Carey-Kent takes on the New Year with a selection of exhibitions ranging from Andreas Gursky to Daumier. On with the New, starting with the old. And, as it’s cold, moving on to a fire and then to Venezuela, where the temperature reaches 30C most days in January. And then back to the old, with a […]

7 December 2013


London Art Exhibitions To Explore In December 2013 By Paul Carey Kent

ANYWHERE GOES IN DECEMBER Christmas, I hear, is coming. I’m tempted to ignore it on the basis that biennially would be quite enough, but maybe it’s the odd years it should fall in…. so I kick off with two shows located in shops suitable for the acquisition of art and non-art gifts, followed by another […]

30 October 2013

Post Frieze Latest London Art Reviews: Patterns For November

Paul Carey Kent analyses ‘The Post Frieze effect’ – lots of interesting shows – lastings well into November. So here we have a system of ‘bonus balls’: each of ten choices has another exhibition nominated as a connection. There also seems to be a lot of pattern around, at its most extreme in Kehinde Wiley’s […]

3 October 2013



You won’t find much art which references Milton these days, but Maria Marshall’s world is – like that of ‘Paradise Lost’ – one of sharp contrasts and elemental battles. For all the surface calm of exacting production, it’s that sense of what lies beneath which gives her films their edge. They’ve often focussed on her […]

23 August 2013


There’s plenty to enjoy in a long weekend in the Cologne area, even when a fair proportion of the commercial galleries are on their ‘summer pause’. Here are my highlights from four clustered cities, starting with my top choice – in the least visited city. LEVERKUSEN  (Top photo) The Museum Morsbroic is a stunning castle […]

7 August 2013

London Art Exhibitions To Visit During The August Lull

Why is it that when the tourists arrive, the galleries close? Paul Carey-Kent takes a look around the London galleries and discovers just how quiet it is in our capital, in August. Many of the galleries have closed their doors for a well deserved break but there is still plenty to do and see around […]