2 July 2013

London Art From Deptford To Savile Row July Round Up

Paul Carey- Kent takes a look at a selection of new London art exhibitions for the month of July and discovers pockets of diversity and originality alive and well in  the capital. Matt Hale: Untitled (Pipes) Top Photo: Perhaps July belongs to the big boys: Lowry, Hume and Caulfield at the Tate; Donald Judd at […]

11 May 2013

Installation Art : A Look At Nine Of London’s Current Best

Paul Carey-Kent explores Londons top exhibitions of Installation Art.   You could argue that the main point of going to a gallery is to see the installation, as a combination of art fairs and the Internet might give you a fair idea of the works in the show, but not of how it all fits […]

3 May 2013

Bodies And Movement In May : Twelve London Art Exhibitions

    Paul Carey-Kent former Editor at large for Art World Magazine has a look at twelve of the best art exhibitions in London. With Frieze NY,  The Venice Biennale and Art Basel just around the corner, London still holds its ground as an international centre for excellence.   Georgina Starr: Two Bubbles   A […]

4 January 2013

Ten Good Reasons To Visit The London Art Fair By Paul Carey-Kent

Ah, the London Art Fair (Previews 15 Jan, public opening 16-20 Jan at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington). So why bother? In fact, there’s always enough interesting work to make a visit entertaining and worthwhile, it’s just a matter of speeding past where appropriate and slowing down for the good stuff. That […]

24 November 2012


London Gallery Reviews November 2012 By Paul Carey-Kent

November Moments I’m quite often struck by coincidences as I tour the galleries. Perhaps it’s the zeitgeist, perhaps it’s just the logic of chance at work given how much is on. But, for example, both Sue Collis (at Seventeen) and Bedwyr Williams (at Ceri Hand) feature seashell-encrustation as perhaps the highlights of two excellent shows; […]

24 June 2012



If it’s Tuesday this must be Basel Armed only with a European Rail Pass, a shamefully underused German phrase book and an extravagant six days off work, Paul Carey-Kent tackles Frankfurt, Zurich, Basel, Kassel, Hanover and Hamburg in a city spree which encompassed the major events of Art Basel and the thirteenth in the quinquennial […]

26 April 2012


Glasgow International Festival Round Up Twelve Of The Best

Paul Carey-Kent Visits the Glasgow International Festival and gives us twelve of the best exhibitions and installations. Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art Runs (20 April–7 May 2012) The Glasgow Festival’s opening weekend (20-22 April) made for maximum stimulation: the 45 participating locations become an excuse to explore the city throughout which they are spread […]

1 December 2011


The London Galleries In December With Paul Carey-Kent

HOW LONG IS YOUR PROJECT? London is painting central at the moment (Leonardo, Degas, Richter, Sasnal, Condo, Saatchi’s Germans, Dulwich’s Canadians…) but that’s not my theme… Rembrandt’s self-portraits in stimulating interaction with Bacon’s (at Ordovas to 16 Dec) could be seen as a lifelong project. After seven years, Charles Avery is halfway through creating his own […]

20 October 2010


Frieze Review – 2010

Art Exhibitions • Events • Galleries By Paul Carey-Kent October NINE NEW TWISTS AT FRIEZE There are two kinds of stand at Art Fairs: those dedicated to a single artist and those showcasing a gallery’s stable as a whole. The former are best for discovering new voices, for which it is hard to get an […]

18 April 2010


Latest London Art Reviews

Paul Carey-Kent Previously Editor at Large, Art World Magazine Art Exhibitions • Events • Galleries By Paul Carey-Kent 29 July 2011 ‘Anthology’ at CHARLIE SMITH London, 336 Old St, 5-20 Aug I have to declare an interest in the juried prize show ‘Anthology’, which opens on the evening of Thursday 4 August (when the winner […]